Redlands residents’ letters to the editor

Letters to Redlands2030 include the need for an after hours vet in the Redlands, comment on the recent state election and a response to comments made by Cr Paul Gleeson. If you have something to say, email RESPONSE TO COUNCILLOR GLEESON I write in response to the article describing Councillor Paul Gleeson’s recent efforts […]

YMCA town houses on Council agenda

Two development applications will be considered by Redland City Council at its last general meeting for 2017, to be held on Wednesday 13 December commencing at 9:30am. 48 YMCA Units in Victoria Point Council officers have recommended refusal of an application for development of 48 two story townhouse units on land at 124 and 126-128 […]

Labor gets near target of 50% female MPs

Almost half of the seats won by Labor in the 2017 Queensland election went to female candidates. Of the 48 seats won by Labor, males won 25 seats (52.1%) and females won 23 seats (47.9%). This is a significant increase in Labor’s female representation from the previous parliament elected in 2015. Of the 44 Labor […]

Get the facts about Toondah Harbour

Councillors recently issued divisional newsletters. In Division 2 Cr Mitchell stepped into the Toondah debate with a “Toondah Harbour update” which would have benefited from some fact checking. Sadly, Cr Mitchell’s contribution contains some fundamental errors. He wrongly declared there was a “green light” to progress the environmental impact assessment (EIA). The Federal Minister for […]

The Eprapah Creek bridge puzzle

Why would anyone want to build a totally unnecessary pedestrian bridge nobody wants, in the wrong place and for the wrong reasons? The proposed bridge would be environmentally harmful and it’s not wanted by the community. Help us to protect our local environment by signing a petition to the Queensland Parliament calling on Redland City […]

LNP plans for North Stradbroke Island queried

Conservation groups have called on the Liberal National Party to make its position clear regarding the future of sand mining on Minjerribah North Stradbroke Island. LNP Leader Tim Nicholls released a statement on Monday pledging $10 million towards job creation and economic development on the island, whilst claiming the local community was “nearly destroyed” by […]

DEMonOCRACY and fishy matters like Toondah

Geoffrey GT Harrison is more than old style public servant.  In 1961, he was appointed Queensland’s Chief Inspector of Fisheries and Senior Biologist.  The story following his appointment is the subject of his book. “DEMonOCRACY & OTHER FISHY MATTERS” was published by In House Publishing. The title is no accident.  It refers to “power of […]

Council petitioned to stop Toondah PDA support

Redlands2030 and members of the Toondah Action Group gathered 1,163 signatures calling for Redland City Council to withdraw support for the Toondah Harbour development. The petition was tabled before Council on 22 November by Cr Murray Elliot who received the specially wrapped petition from Steve MacDonald, President of Redlands2030. Council agreed to accept the petition […]

Toondah infrastructure agreement – Cui bono?

Who will benefit (cui bono) from Walker Group’s proposed Toondah Harbour development plans and in particular from any investment provided for in the project Infrastructure Agreement? Redland City Council claims that Walker Group’s proposed Toondah project will deliver “nearly $116 million worth of community improvements”. Based on information that’s publicly available it appears that much […]

Redlands residents raise election questions

A state election in less than a week and Redlands residents continue to raise matters that the political parties seem to NOT want to hear or are unwilling to address. Letters this week raise the impact of parking at building sites on koalas, poor roads, community litigation and the need for a Queensland ICAC. If […]

Redlanders pick the big election issues

Environmental, planning and integrity issues have been selected as most likely to influence voting in the state election according to a poll of election issues by Redlands2030. A long list of issues was available to choose from. Respondents could select any number of issues from just one to all 28. The percentage number in the […]

Parties asked to support Quandamooka Country

Traditional Owners of Quandamooka Country, which includes much of southern Moreton Bay, want political parties to state their positions on key issues before the 25 November state election. Political parties are being asked to indicate support for a range of projects and issues which will help the Quandamooka People pursue sustainable economic development. There is […]

Stop the “horrendous Toondah proposal”

Environmental harm of the Toondah proposal,  advice for the mayor on conflicts of interest and clarification about activity charges at  the Donald Simpson Centre are discussed in letters to the Editor. If you have something to say to our readers, email: Stop the “horrendous Toondah proposal” As a kid I grew up visiting Straddie. […]

Forming a Redlands branch of the National Trust

Plans to establish a Redlands branch of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) (NTAQ) moved a step closer at a meeting on Thursday evening at the heritage listed Grand View Hotel. The National Trust’s Heritage Advocacy Advisor Ms Jane Alexander outlined the processes for setting up a local Branch.  She said she was excited to […]

Shorebirds in flight

Shorebirds like these Bar-tailed godwits are amazing long distance fliers

Redlands2030 and Birdlife Australia are holding an inaugural Welcome Back Shorebirds event to celebrate the safe return of thousands of migratory shorebirds to Moreton Bay over the past few months.

Each year the adult birds fly thousands of kilometres to breeding grounds in places such as Siberia and Alaska. Then they return to their feeding areas in the southern hemisphere, usually to the same place every year.

Event details

DATE: Saturday 9 December 2017

TIME: 9:00am to 10:30am

PLACE: G.J. Walter Park in Cleveland

Access is via Shore Street East. The park has a playground, picnic facilities and toilets .


  • Watching various shorebird species through high power birdwatching scopes
  • Experts talking about the migratory shorebirds which feed in this area
  • Discussion about threats to shorebirds including coastal development
  • Wildlife protection – Marine Park, Ramsar site and plans for World Heritage Area listing
  • Update on the Toondah Harbour project

Koalas as well

As well as birdlife, G.J. Walter Park and its surrounding streets are home to koalas. If you want to see these iconic creatures in the wild, this is one of the best locations in south east Queensland.

Breakfast with the shorebirds

We will have breakfast with the birds but we won’t be eating what they feed on.

We will have tea/coffee, sizzled sausages and buns.

To help with numbers for catering please RSVP to:


Redlands2030 – 10 November 2017



Date: December 9, 2017
Time: 09:00-10:30 a.m.
Event: Welcome Back Shorebirds celebration
Topic: Welcome Back Shorebirds
Public: Public