New Redlands2030 video – “Discarded Debris”

Our film crew have just released their fourth video on Redlands2030 at YouTube.

Here is a link Discarded Debris: Cause and Effect

This video takes a look at the impact of litter and discarded debris on wildlife in Moreton Bay. Common items of rubbish, such as plastic shopping bags, forgotten crab pots and bottle caps have a disastrous effect on marine life.

While some rubbish is washed into the sea from distant locations, other rubbish in our waters is the result of litter bugs; people not disposing of their rubbish responsibly. This eventually finds its way into the water and kills many beautiful marine animals.

Accompanied by a blistering electric guitar piece, Troy Robbins presents some photographs of what he has found during his regular clean-ups of the bay.

Get in on the act and help stop rubbish from getting into our bay wherever you find it!

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One thought on “New Redlands2030 video – “Discarded Debris”

  1. Great job, but more people need to listen. Your You Tube Channel is a valuable addition to the story of Moreton Bay and the sad story of the Redland City PDAs.

    Perhaps the team could put some local photography to Joni Mitchell’s classic, it might strike a “chord” or 3:

    Or, the message is the same but some prefer the version by Counting Crows:

    The message is the same, we just need to turn up the volume!!!

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