Misconduct complaint against Cr Paul Gleeson

Cr Paul Gleeson is to be investigated for misconduct.

Cr Paul Gleeson is to be investigated for misconduct by the Regional Conduct Review Panel.

A complaint about misconduct by Redlands councillor Paul Gleeson has been referred to a Regional Conduct Review Panel.

Cr Gleeson was recently reprimanded for behaving in an offensive and disorderly manner and failing to comply with Council procedures and policies.

It’s the third time in a year that Cr Gleeson has been reprimanded for inappropriate conduct by Mayor Karen Williams.

On one occasion, Cr Gleeson’s behaviour was also the subject of a complaint to the police, as reported by the Redland City Bulletin.

The Local Government Act requires that a complaint of misconduct be referred to the Regional Conduct Review Panel if the Mayor or CEO determines that three complaints of inappropriate conduct by a councillor in a single year are substantiated.

If the Regional Conduct Review Panel finds that Cr Gleeson has engaged in misconduct, possible outcomes include that he be fined, required to apologise and/or ordered to undergo counselling.

Cr Gleeson’s inappropriate conduct record

Six complaints of inappropriate conduct by Cr Gleeson have been substantiated since he was first elected to represent Division 9 (Capalaba) in 2012.

Date Allegation Outcome
22/08/2017 Allegations of inappropriate social media comments made by Cr relating to a local sporting club Substantiated. Cr reprimanded by the Mayor for inappropriate conduct, for failing to comply with Council procedures and policies and behaving in an offensive and disorderly manner. Referred on to Regional Conduct Review Panel.
2/08/2017 Allegations of inappropriate conduct during visit to a private resident & invited Facebook comment on RCC Facebook site following online Story in Redland City Bulletin Part-Substantiated. Councillor reprimanded by the Mayor for inappropriate conduct and behaving in a manner that is below what is expected of a Redland City Councillor.
20/02/2017 Altercation on Social Media page that is alleged as offensive and threatening Substantiated. Cr reprimanded by Mayor, regarding social media use and policies
Allegation of posting material on social media that is offensive, threatening or bullying and disrespectful to members of the community
Substantiated. An order reprimanding Cr for Inappropriate Conduct by Mayor on 20/01/16
Allegation of inappropriate publication of personal
information on facebook and failure to demonstrate
respect to member of community
Part Substantiated. Mayor to counsel Cr about the matter.
31/07/2014 Alleged disrespectful remarks on social media
Substantiated. An order made reprimanding the Cr for inappropriate conduct and an order that any repeat of the inappropriate conduct be referred to a regional conduct review panel as misconduct.

Details of recent complaints about councillors are in the Councillor General Complaints Register which can be downloaded from the Redland City Council website. Older complaints are recorded in this earlier version of the register.

Improving the councillor complaints process

Laws to reform Queensland’s councillor complaints process were being reviewed by Parliament’s Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee in an inquiry which lapsed when the 25 November election was called.

It’s expected that the majority Labor government will move swiftly to implement these reforms when the new parliament gets to work.

Redlands2030 raised concerns about the time taken to resolve complaints, lack of transparency and the risk that a councillor might willfully mislead whoever is dealing with a complaint.

The adequacy of sanctions for bad behaviour by councillors has also been questioned by Redlands2030.

Submissions to the councillor complaints process inquiry were also made by:

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Redlands2030 – 8 January 2018

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3 thoughts on “Misconduct complaint against Cr Paul Gleeson

  1. In addition to the six complaints of inappropriate conduct, Cr Gleeson tried unsuccessfully to have two resident groups gagged from airing concerns about the high number of units and small lot housing taking place in the Redlands, with an unprecedented rate of land clearing. Those two resident groups are CARP and Redlands2030, neither of which would be necessary if new housing development was carried out in line with infrastructure development.

  2. Since it appears evident Cr Gleeson is tied to the Mayor’s apron strings, like a child, he knows what he can get away with, so if worse comes to the worst, perhaps he can simply ‘apologise’ for his misconduct. I recall at the last local govt election, Cr Gleeson also was provided use of the 4-wheeled contraption with two over-sized portraits side by side on Moreton Bay Rd Blind Freddy couldn’t miss. Nothing wrong with that, if he listened and acted on behalf of Div 9 residents friends tell me he never returns phone calls when contacted. So what is this Capalaba councillor doing to justify his councillor position? In private industry he most likely would have lost his job but as a public servant, seems to me, along with many others, he doesn’t need to account for his actions one way or the other. I’m an elderly citizen and have been abused by councillors for expressing my opinion on issues not agreed with, but as I told our first Mayor Eddie Santagiuliana of Redland Shire in 1995, as he handed me my first award for my personal contribution in preserving and enhancing our Redland environment (his words), ‘if you think this is going to shut me up, you can forget it!

  3. Unfortunately he is in the Mayor team and the issues will be just ignored. Such an unprofessional person should not be in this position, as elected members are supposed to represent the community not abuse them. Mayor Williams has her blinkers on thankfully Redlands 2030 hopefully will prick their conscience and deal with this serial abuser through other avenues to get justice for many