Withdraw the Toondah PDA scheme

Rally for G.J. Walter Park 23 February 2014 Save G.J. Walter Park – Withdraw the Toondah Harbour Development Scheme In just over three weeks, 1,200 people signed a petition calling for the Toondah Harbour PDA development scheme to be withdrawn and save the G.J. Walter Park.  This petition was submitted to the Queensland Parliament on 4 March 2014. You can still show your concern by signing, through change.org, an electronic petition called: SAVE OUR PARK — Withdraw the Toondah Harbour Development Scheme Another means is by adding your views to the Facebook page Dogs-on-pda Many of the people who support this petition have provided their reasons. Let key decision makers know exactly what you think about a development plan that would result in destruction of internationally significant wetlands and construction of hi-rise buildings in and around G.J. Walter Park. Contact your State Member of Parliament and State Government ministers and Contact your Redland City Councillor and the Mayor

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