Marriage equality in the Redlands


Redlands residents rallying for marriage equality - in June 2015

Redlands residents rallying for marriage equality – in June 2015

In recent times, marriage equality has becomes a hot issue across the globe. The United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Latin America, and much of Western Europe have legalised it in recent years with increasingly bipartisan support on the issue.

Kevin Rudd was the first sitting Prime Minister to endorse the issue with his support, and since then Labor has adopted measures to introduce marriage equality as well as the Greens Party and some members of the Coalition.

Brisbane City Council recently voted to support marriage equality, with the motion put by LNP Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

So why hasn’t our local Federal MP Andrew Laming come out in support of marriage equality?

The results and evidence strongly suggests overwhelming community support on the issue. In the Redlands, marriage equality was supported by 94% of 700 respondents who took part in a survey conducted by Redlands Residents – Your Voice on Marriage Equality who have worked with the group Australian Marriage Equality and polling experts.

A national survey in 2014 by Crosby – Textor found 72% support for the issue of marriage equality.

Andrew Laming has said his surveys suggest only 50% of locals support the issue. This raises questions about how accurate his electorate surveys really are, and how much he may over politicize issues.

When Mr Laming says he doesn’t care about surveys put forward to him reflecting on what his constituents want then something is wrong here. Cherry picking on issues is not how locals wish to see their representatives behave.

Love is love no matter it being between a man or a woman or somebody of the same gender. Queensland has moved beyond its dark days of criminalizing LGBTIQ people for being who they are.

Who can forget the hard tireless work committed by figures such as former Premier Anna Bligh and Grace Grace MP who helped bring about civil union partnerships. Apologies to this community may also be a good step such as one made by the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews for past wrongs and treatment towards people for being who they are.

Marriage Equality needs to occur. The federal Liberal National Coalition parties are pandering to the far right conservative bigotry that exists in our community by proposing a plebiscite. It’s an unnecessary delaying tactic.

Redlanders need to take this issue directly to all three levels of government. Self-interest driven political careerism seems to be holding back action on an issue that needs to be solved quickly and easily.

Do local councillors support marriage equality?

Redland City councillors, acting as community representatives and leaders, could follow the recent initiative of Brisbane’s Lord Mayor and pass a motion supporting the legalisation of marriage between consenting adults regardless of sex, sexuality or gender identity.

Then whoever is elected on 2 July to represent the Redlands in Federal parliament will have a clearer understanding of what the local community wants done about this issue.


Callen Sorensen – Karklis

Callen Sorensen-Karkliss

Callen Sorensen-Karkliss

Callen is an active member of the Australian Fabians Society, ALP, Crime Stoppers, Meals on Wheels and is a Quandamooka Noonucle Indigenous person with a strong commitment to community. Callen has worked in the retail and market research sectors and is currently a student at Griffith University.


Published by Redlands2030 – 12 June 2016

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7 thoughts on “Marriage equality in the Redlands

  1. Wow! What a poorly constructed argument. “In recent times, marriage equality has becomes a hot issue across the globe…” REALLY?

    Here we go again with a nice sounding statement commonly used by those in the marriage Equality camp.

    A little bit id research shows that there are current 195 countries in the world of which 123 are democratic nations of these ONLY 15 countries (as of 28 April 2016) have redefined marriage to include same sex couples. The maths is clear that there is not a global move to redefining marriage.

    Secondly, if love is the only condition for marriage then we have to accept the marriage of first cousins, siblings and group marriage. If you want to engage in the issue of redefining marriage please engage your brain with philosophical and ethical thinking rather than nice sounding clichés that lack any substance.

  2. Thanks for writing and publishing this timely article. It would be great for Redland City Council to support marriage equality, because this region sorely needs good leadership on the issue. The lobbying continues at a new Facebook group ‘Bayside Brisbane Welcomes Marriage Equality’ – head over to show your support for opening the door to equality in this unique region.

    • Why should the Council support this unpopular and unnatural human relationship?

      I suggest you get onto Mr Google and ascertain the REAL downsides to the gay marriages and NOT the rubbery surveys that can produce any result the instigators ask for? Problem is of course there so many ratbag organizations out there defending both sides of the argument……

      I got a survey going many years ago for a totally different issue and the first question I was asked was “what result do you want?”

      I can get you a survey done tomorrow that will guarantee you a huge majority for your “project” and the complete opposite the next day!

      You don’t need leadership from Council! You need to think about the poor kids from this weird alliance! They’re the ones who suffer ………. badly!

  3. A plebiscite for gay marriage is not a delaying tactic; it is a survey of 100 %, not the results to date. What is wrong with doing a 100% survey that can not be questioned as to its appropriateness and accuracy when we live together in a democracy? It is not unreasonable.

    Indeed there is no doubt then that the whole community has had a say, and those that did not have a say do not consider they are being bullied or intimidated by a vocal group, irrespective of their correctness or otherwise.

    Marc Bromet

  4. Oh please God let the do whatever they want! I am sick to death of this issue!

    It just goes on and on and and on ………

    I don’t care any more, I really don’t!

    Maybe this is their strategy! Just wear us down to the stage where say just go ahead and do whatever you want with each other!

    I’ll say yes, sign any petition you guys want, you win, I’m done!

    Between Muskims, gays, aboriginals, illegal immigrants, politics etc. it’s time I found a lighthouse to live on somewhere!

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