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Welcome to the Redlands2030 Maps page.

This page provides you links to interactive Google maps to discover facts in your areas of interest.

Simply click the name for your map of choice to open the relevant Google map – use the mouse wheel (or your fingers) to zoom in/out; drag the map to where you want to go; click to see the available information. Explore your area and share with your friends.

Redlands2030 Hotspotsmap_hotspots
Controversial City changes that Redland’s community have demonstrated their concerns over.Please email if you know of other hotspots.
Redland City Council Potential Land SalesRCClandSales
City parks, car parks, child care centres and community assets secretly investigated for sale by Redland City Council a month before it set up a property investment company (RCBulletin 14Sep2015). See Redlands2030 post: Secretive plans for rezoning and sale of 16 parks revealed in Draft City Plan.
Redland City Councillorsmap_Cr
See who and where your Councillors are, there Facebook pages and more.
Their Council contact details are HERE.
Redland City Census AreasCityCensusAreas2
Census Areas with unique AreaID number. Click HERE  to open Google map, zoom in (using mouse wheel) till labels showing AreaID numbers (100-1400) and estimated number of houses appear – numbers will look similar to road names.Please email which (red) AreaID numbers you wish to organise.



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  1. Russell island could be developed to second Raby Bay if a bridge build. But the government have no idea and care for the island’s future.