Local solar expert opens his home for Sustainable House Day

Trevor Berrill in front of his sustainable home

Trevor Berrill in front of his sustainable home

Do you want practical ideas for making your home more environmentally sustainable?

Awarding winning sustainable energy consultant, Trevor Berrill, will be opening his home to the public as part of Sustainable House Day on Sunday, 13 September.

This is a national event that allows the public to see sustainability in practice.  It is run by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) who promote residential sustainability.

 Alternative Technology Association

For more than 30 years the ATA has been Australia’s pre-eminent provider of practical and constructive advice on sustainable living for households and communities. Growing from a grassroots group of dedicated people getting together to share ideas on sustainable technologies, the ATA today advocates and provides policy advice on behalf of our 5,500 members to governments at all levels, businesses and community groups. Features to see include solar electricity and battery storage, solar water heating, electric vehicles, insulation, shading, energy efficient building design, rain water and greywater systems, landscaping and organic gardens.

Talk to the house owner

One of the best aspects of Sustainablity House Day is being able to speak to the home owners about their experiences. In this regard, Trevor has a wealth of experience in sustainable housing, having advised hundreds of home owners and businesses, over more than 30 years, in solar power and energy efficiency. Benefits to home owners include large energy and water cost savings and of course a reduced environmental footprint. Typical payback times are around 5 years for many of these features.

Trevor, and partner Susan, will provide guided tours of this unique, solar efficient home built in 1980. It has all of the features mentioned above and was the first registered, grid connected, solar power station in Queensland, installed in 2000. Battery storage was included from the outset and the house can run as an autonomous home if necessary without grid electricity or mains water supply.

See the impressive BMWi3 electric car

BMWi3 electric car

BMWi3 electric car will be on display for the Sustainable House Day

This car, the latest BMWi3 electric car,  and much more will on site for the day for people to inspect and discuss with Trevor and Susan.

Open the door to sustainable living by touring some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show at Sustainable House Day this Sunday (13 September). This unique peer to peer education is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living. Make sure you register to attend Sustainable House Day. For details of where to register and find homes to visit, go to the web site Sustainable House Day.

Trevor Berrill

Trevor Berrill is the author of  Vote to unblock solar energy in Queensland”  published by Redlands2030 earlier this year.

For further details about Trevor’s home, contact:

Trevor Berrill

Phone 0400 177 283

Email  tberrill@powerup.com.au

Or visit: www.trevolution.com.au