Stop environmental destruction at Toondah

Environmental destruction from the Toondah harbour project could include loss of the bush Stone-curlews in a nearby salt marsh area

Bush Stone-curlews in the salt marsh area south of Toondah Harbour

Environmental destruction is a key theme for letters to Redlands2030 this week.

A young Redlander has started a petition drawing attention to the environmental impact of the Toondah Harbour project– and invites you to sign.

Another resident says it’s hypocritical for Council to hand out grants for conservation of Moreton Bay salt marshes, migratory birds and dolphins while supporting the environmental destruction that would occur if Walker Corporation’s Toondah Harbour project goes ahead.

Council’s conservation grants

I noticed in the “Our Redlands” supplement in the Redland City Bulletin a few weeks ago, that the Redland City Council has given a grant to help “the conservation of Moreton Bay’s salt marshes, a critical feeding habitat for migratory birds and more than 70% of commercial fish, prawn and crab species.” The Council is also backing dolphin health research in the waters “off the Redlands.” Both are admirable projects.

How does the Council justify these grants when it is intent on pursuing the destruction of the critical habitats of these creatures by allowing the Walker Corporation to build in excess of 3,000 dwellings on reclaimed land in Moreton Bay. Isn’t this a tad hypocritical?

Why can’t the community just have the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal facilities upgraded without destroying Moreton Bay?

Jeannette Douglass

Petition: Help stop Environmental Destruction

I am a 13 year old girl and am currently living in Cleveland and even I can find many flaws with the council allowing this plan to commence. In protest I have started a petition and would really appreciate it if people would sign it and spread the word. You can find the petition on under the title Help stop Environmental Destruction.

Here’s a link to my petition.

Please help. Thank you.

Sofia Gray


Letters published by Redlands2030 – 21 September 2016

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One thought on “Stop environmental destruction at Toondah

  1. It makes no sense to give grants for ‘conservation of Moreton Bay’s salt marshes, feeding habitat for migratory birds, commercial fish, prawn and crab species’… if the intent is to allow Walker Corporation to totally destroy the marine environment vital to conservation of these species mentioned by Jeanette Douglass in her letter? The Toondah Harbour Plan is urgently in need of being reworked along with genuine community consultation it seems to me.

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