Transport challenges and opportunities in the Redlands in this week’s letters


Letters this week are about the worsening transport challenges that the Redlands faces.

One local thinks we should follow many other Australian and overseas communities and offer regular free minibus transport to get around during the day. And another resident asks if the often-spruiked dedicated bus lane between Coorparoo to Capalaba is just a cruel joke.

If you have an opinion about how to improve getting around the Redlands and beyond, we’d love to hear from you.

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Free and Frequent Bus Services for Cleveland?

Cleveland is a wonderful place to live out our later years. We all value our independence.

For those in this age group the biggest future problem will be difficulties accessing services. Worsening traffic and parking congestion with all their restrictions – plus a totally inadequate bus service – will make seniors’ lives more difficult.
We believe there is a solution to be considered and trialled for the long term benefit Redland citizens and the future of the commercial centre of the city.

We propose a trial of regular free transport, initially around the Cleveland precinct. We suggest easily recognisable small buses of 14 to16 seats travelling around a well-populated area every 15 minutes. Travelling between 10 am and 3pm they would access shops, hospitals, the train station and council services.

It could be a great benefit to citizens and help to revitalise Cleveland`s central business district. It could mean a reduction of motor vehicle usage and growth and have a more evenly spread of patronage to shops, cafes and other important facilities. We suggest it would be free. This would enable elderly people and stay at home mothers, ready access to these facilities. Normal fare paying bus services could operate before and after these times.

At the moment the very large buses, travelling hourly, have few passengers. Something needs to be changed. Free bus systems operate in many towns and cities including Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast and many are commonplace in the U.K.

A free and easily accessed scheme would help older couples who no longer have their own transport. They could go to local facilities, quite independently, at a time to suit themselves. Young mothers with small children left at home with no vehicle would also benefit.

This scheme is not aimed at the heavy shopper or people with disabilities. The bus driver should not have to move from his seat. Wide easily accessed doors would be needed. The timetable should be maintained because a regular service would be important.
In time, the free bus system would revitalise the centre of Cleveland. Shopping would be spread over the week, eliminating the motorised frenzy of weekends.

I haven’t addressed the cost of the scheme, or who would be responsible for its operation. I believe there is a need, and the Redlands could benefit from it.

The Department of Transport (the State Government) is responsible for the present unsatisfactory bus service. Maybe the Redlands could put up a proposal for a better service. At least they could investigate the obvious benefits.

Peter Stokes, Cleveland

Redlands’ dedicated bus lane – a cruel joke?

We’ve been hearing about it for years…Member for Bowman Andrew Laming has spoken about it, so where is the dedicated bus lane from Coorparoo to Capalaba?…. This would help get some cars off Old Cleveland Rd since at rush hour, it’s bumper to bumper traffic into the Redlands where the road merges between Coorparoo and Capalaba. And it can only worsen as urban sprawl continues in Redland City.

Amy Glade, Capalaba

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