Residents write about Toondah and Cleveland

Toondah Harbour in Cleveland

Toondah Harbour in Cleveland

Toondah Harbour’s proposed redevelopment provokes letters to Redlands2030 with one person saying it’s deeply disappointing and another issuing an apology of sorts to Walker Corporation.

Brian Whitelaw’s article, Cleveland – it’s now Builders Paradise, also prompts a letter.

Cleveland the “Builder’s Paradise”

I was interested and enjoyed your article re Cleveland being a “Builder’s Paradise”. The exact same thing happened to Wynnum, which was once a lovely Bayside spot. Council regulations had limited high rise apartment developments to three stories, but now the developers get permission for six and more, which will totally spoil the Bayside area with water views.

I moved from Wynnum West last year where new developments had surrounded the over 55’s Rental Retirement Village where I was renting with the noise of building being unbelievable. Even Council creek and park areas are being developed for ‘town houses’, cheaply built but sold for over $400,000. I watched the real estate companies gradually throwing out elderly renting residents from two of these estates with a view to building more units but for the general market, and was horrified.

Sadly I think the same will happen to Cleveland, despite there being a lot more greenspace still here. But that means it will just take them time to do it. Greed, profit and money is all that matters and people have not counted for many years now.

I sympathise with those affected, but “nothing is as constant as change” and unfortunately it is a reality we have to live with.

CP Cleveland


Proposed Toondah development is deeply troubling

I am an Ormiston resident aged in my 70s and therefore unlikely to be personally affected by the proposed massive Toondah development. Already seemingly permitted by both our Redlands City Council and Queensland State Government, its future seems currently in the hands of the newly created Minister for Environment and Energy in the Federal Government.

I am deeply troubled about this proposed Toondah development for the following reasons:

North Stradbroke Island’s future prosperity deserves our greatest support for future visitors to be encouraged to visit the large pristine areas to be available following the 2019 ceasing of mining.

How very disappointing if the ferry terminal at Toondah Harbour is immersed in 15 to 20 years of dredging/building/trucking/dusty lack of parking situation. How very cruel to the hopes of North Stradbroke Islanders seeking to innovate and attract tourism as never before.

The wildlife of Cleveland and its adjoining coastline is to be valued and protected. Many koalas have been observed near the GJ Walter park and the world-protected RAMSAR coastline where migratory birds deserve to feed undisturbed lies there too. We learn from scientists that there are unique coral gardens in Moreton Bay that will be totally lost if the large amount of dredging is permitted and the toxic mud disturbed will definitely affect the fish and mammals in the Bay.

Does Redland City Council consider the huge disruption to the lives of so many of its citizens living in that section of Redlands with the already lack of freeway access to the City for its current citizens? It seems to me that employment all around Brisbane City meets the needs of our Redlands citizens if we cease blocking up our roads for a dream that in 20 years’ time some will have had temporary employment on a disastrous development.

Redlands deserves diverse job opportunities, not just in the building trade. University and TAFE Colleges would provide a mix of skills and great advantage to our citizens and should have been in place long ago.

I believe the coastlines of Queensland are a heritage of all people to be enjoyed as near to natural as possible. This is where tired, stressed and harried city folk regain their health and strength. Let us make easy and pleasant access to the many North Stradbroke holiday options with walking and camping greatly increased after 2019 available as soon as possible.

Last week billionaire property developer Lang Walker dined in Brisbane CBD with Brad Burke, deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Senator James McGrath, a special adviser to the PM and long-time friend. I fear pressure is being applied to the Federal Government to let this outsize Toondah development get underway and commit Redlands residents and future tourists to a 15 to 20 year disruption which inevitably leads to loss to our unique and natural wildlife and damaged lives for residents affected by the development.

Please consider this thoughtfully.

Yours in hope of wiser outcomes

Gloria Claus


Apology for negative comments about Toondah

The site of Governor Gipps landing is part of our heritage

Governor Gipps stepped in the mud

I am writing to apologise to Walker Corporation for the negative comments your proposed Toondah development is receiving. I’ll leave out Weinam Creek as I don’t know much about it.

This website, Redlands 2030, has been leading the push against what has simply become known as “Toondah”.

It’s not fair to you really, and I think you were lead astray by important people a few years back who should have known better.

The Minister Seeney is no longer the Minister in that position as he sits in opposition, but the Mayor of Redlands Cr Karen Williams is still ruling the local government area.

I am so sorry that they promised you the world in return for fixing some transport problems between mainland and islands. Of course, it is understandable that it would be attractive if you could build lots of units to get a good return. But they put you in a hole, didn’t they, when they said you could build out in to the Bay. That is a pretty expensive way to go.

Of course a company with your development experience could do this, though I think it’s been a bit touchy for you in Tasmania, was it, where they said you weren’t allowed to build out into their Bay?

But not your fault here in Cleveland as you were given the nod by a Minister and a Mayor. And their word is law. The new Minister seems to concur, so still not your fault.

I don’t think they advised that they were handing over the right for you to build into a Ramsar site and a protected Moreton Bay.

I know from your Toondah brochure you love boating and the sea, so of course sea grass, dolphins, turtles and migratory birds would be part of your love of the sea. With your maritime experience, the last thing you would do is to interfere with the rich marine life.

People don’t know all that much about your plans but of course the Redland mob has had a long experience in sticking up for their patch because they know its tides and moods and creatures.

I suspect though that you have now found out about this concern because I see that your Company accessed some of the major submissions that locals sent to Canberra to the last Minister for the Environment. Though a new Minister has to sign off now – and he has an EPBC Act to guide him. If you are successful in getting the State instead to do the assessment, you need to know that the new Minister for the Environment here in Qld is very keen on protecting the State’s environment.

I can only apologise if it seems that you were not given the full story about this part of Redlands. Perhaps the news that locals last week found nineteen koalas living in the land area of the proposed development has trickled through to you. That’s a major number indeed!

Perhaps the knowledge you have now got from the submissions you were able to view has alerted you to the fact that there are major obstacles to progressing Toondah.

Should you decide to pull out, do be assured that other important men have also had to pull out of Cleveland, so you would be in good company so to speak, adding to Cleveland’s long history.

What I mean is, the squatters lost their shipment of wool when their vessel burnt to the waterline in the bay so that was the end of Cleveland as port for Moreton Bay. But in 1842 that important man, Governor Gipps, sank into the mud right there in the area of your development. From there he turned his back on Cleveland.

So as I finish this apology for the way your proposal is being treated, do be assured that no one surely will blame you for avoiding sinking into the mud too.

You also are entitled to turn your back on Cleveland and Toondah!

With sincere apologies
Name and address withheld


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Letters to Redlands2030

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5 thoughts on “Residents write about Toondah and Cleveland

  1. Brilliant apology! Take out a page in the Redlands local rag and publish every word of it in bold print! It might just TURN THE TIDE.
    It’s not too late to stop this ridiculous over expansion on the doorstep of our unique part of the coastline.

  2. I too love the apology to Walker by this very clever writer from Birkdale.
    I would never have thought of writing a letter of apology to Walker so this writer deserves much credit for her extremely clever turn of thought.
    Also congratulations to the two writers of the comments, Robert Pendrey and Linda White who both struck a chord with me and had me chuckling!
    Well done everyone.

  3. When Walkers were given a development application for the Toondah PDA and asked to fill it in I think they took that literally.

  4. A splendid tongue-in-cheek letter presenting a different perspective! I admit I had never thought to look at the development from Walkers’ point of view. Bravo!

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