Care for koalas by by saving their trees

Care for koalas by by saving their trees

Koalas are the subject of this poem by Redland City resident Jan Smith.

The Koala’s Plea

Can you see my ragged fur, fur which once was silver grey?
Do you see my eyes are sore?
Do you care just how I suffer, how I starve and then fall ill
If you ignore my plight, koalas will live here no more

You are my last hope for salvation
You need to recognize my plight.
You need to stop the bushland clearing
You must believe this is not right.

Now I wait alone and lonely, now I wait for death to come
I have no corridors to wander, as I used to love to do
The trees are gone which once I fed from
No one seems to care, do you?

Jan Smith

Saving koalas with more effective tree protection

Do you think we should save koalas by making tree protection local laws more effective?

Please complete the poll below and encourage others to do so as well.

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4 thoughts on “THE KOALA’S PLEA by Jan Smith

  1. Beautiful poem, that so succinctly describes how the few remaining koalas live. I just hope that the Councillors read the poems and take the time to really understand what the words are saying. I hope they take the words to heart and realise they have the power to change the plight of the Koalas. I also hope the developers of the Era estate take on the guilt that’s owed to them – shame on them for pulling down all of the trees…. a new era is right:- one that promotes extremely close living to your neighbours, hot houses, a dry and arid environment AND NO WILDLIFE!

  2. Beautiful poem, that states the plight of the Koalas so succinctly. I hope the Councillors read it and can find a way to understand exactly what the words are saying. I hope they can think long and hard about the Koalas plight and begin to understand that they have the power to change the outcome of the poem. I hope the developers of the Era development also read this and take on the guilt that is owed to them!

  3. I don’t understand why people aren’t voting to increase the strength of the local laws on koala habitat trees.
    Doesn’t make sense when there has been such an outcry about koala trees on the block of land at Ormiston which are going to be cleared.

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