Is Andrew Laming MP on-task?

Federal electorate of Bowman represented by Andrew Laming

Federal electorate of Bowman represented by Andrew Laming

Andrew Laming, federal MP for Bowman, is surveying all households in his electorate.

People can choose to complete and return it – or not. Normally surveys like this have a very low return rate (and, therefore, accuracy) – so what’s the real point of doing it?

His survey appears to have three purposes:

  • Marketing – promotion of Andrew Laming as the local MP
  • Research – finding out what people think about various issues
  • Advocacy – collecting data that can be used (or misused) for political argument
Andrew Laming Survey Part 1 (click to enlarge)

Andrew Laming Survey Part 1 (click to enlarge)

Andrew Laming’s survey is an opt-in poll which means replies will likely be significantly skewed compared to a survey that asks questions of a randomly selected cross section of the community.

Some questions in the Andrew Laming survey might give a useful indication of what those people who respond think about issues. He has already committed to reflecting the majority views of survey respondents on the subject of Marriage Equality, but only if there is a free vote. Other questions appear to be market research type questions for profiling people in the Bowman electorate e.g. “Are you a person of faith?”

Andrew Laming Survey Part 2 (click to enlarge)

Andrew Laming Survey Part 2 (click to enlarge)

Some questions appear designed to get data to support positions that Andrew Laming already holds. For example, do you support Toondah Harbour?  The questions are vague and lack any real definition of the issues…. so that results could easily be misused.

If you get a copy of the Andrew Laming survey in your mailbox, take a minute to review the questions carefully and think about why each question is being asked and what the answers might be used for.

Remember, you don’t always have to answer questions. Politicians often avoid answering questions when it doesn’t suit their agenda.

Redlands2030 Survey about Andrew Laming MP

Redlands2030 thinks that some people may like an alternative way of giving feedback to Andrew Laming, Federal MP for Bowman so we have prepared a simple on-line survey with three questions that should only take a couple of minutes to answer.

This is an opt-in survey (just like Andrew Laming’s survey) which means that the results will only reflect the views of people who respond.

1. Focus of effort – pick one of three choices

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 26-06-2015 10:26:48
End date 29-07-2015 16:00:00
Poll Results:

2. Priority of effort – pick maximum of five issues

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 26-06-2015 10:30:07
End date 29-07-2015 16:00:00
Poll Results:

3 Performance assessment – answer yes or no and comment if you want to

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 26-06-2015 10:35:56
End date 29-07-2015 16:00:00
Poll Results:

How does Andrew Laming vote in Parliament?

To see how Andrew Laming actually votes on issues for you in Parliament go to this website.


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43 thoughts on “Is Andrew Laming MP on-task?

  1. The coalitions only policy at the moment is for everyone to remember how bad labor was , and to try to forget their woeful term!

  2. Yes if you don’t get the survey to fill in the first place what does that mean? Never been sent one and we live in Cleveland. So how effective is your office if they can’t even send the thing out to everyone? Or are we too old, too young, too unemployed, too educated to get one? Who pays for this survey anyway?

  3. Well said! I’ve often questionned how we’re supposed to get our view across to the council and it’s members, when their surveys give you an option of yes, no or can’t decide. There are a lot of things I agree with, as well as disagree with, but like you, my answer is not and cannot be recorded as one dimensional. There are many aspects to development and change within our community that require further explanation and questionning. A proper councillor and politician, worth anything, would understand this and would stop giving us a so called `say’, which is merely a token gesture, as no answers can be accepted as a true reflection of the community’s thoughts! I’m afraid that anyone who completes these frivalous bits of fluff are stepping straight into the hands of the councillors, as they grab their yes and no answers and run with them… sprouting that the local community’s fully behind their decisions and that we back them 100%, when in reality, the answer is the closest thing we could find to what we were really thinking, but as usual it fails to show the full story… it sounds very council like doesn’t it?

    Unfortunately no one seems interested at all in finding out what the local thoughts are on anything. You can have your say, as long as it fits into the constraints of the answers required by council to get their projects approved. When will this change?

    • what Mr Laming is doing is blatant push polling and has nothing to do with genuine community engagment or seeking to understand the views of his electorate. It is a shallow and callous attempt to appear to be engaging with the community whilst doing whatever was his first idea. Sadly, Council also uses this (award wining !) mechanism to actively NOT engage with the community.

    • Hi Sarah, you have not met me and I am not a Councillor (they don’t do surveys; I do). This survey decides how I vote on your behalf in Parliament. Can’t do better than that. Try not to be cynical. Giving up guarantees that others make decisions against your interest. Please don’t lose heart in democracy.

  4. yet again Mr Laming needs to be reminded that he should stick to federal politics and stop interfering in local politics. His interference in local politics just muddies the water. His appalling intervention and belligerent rants at concerns raised over the Toondah Harbour debacle is but one example.
    I find it distressing to see a public servant so blithely dismiss legitemate concerns raised on these pages and elsewhere as the dialoque of “haters” or lefties, Labour card carriers, pinkoes, etc, etc. Such childish remarks are unworthy of robust public debate. No, Mr Laming should understand these are community concerns that a real politican would listen to (where relevant to the federal sphere).
    The laughable “survey” undertaken is not a credible survey but a callous exercise in pushing partisan political views. Do I think TH should be redeveloped and upgraded – Yes. Do I think the massive overdevelopement proposed on the site and in a RAMSAR wetland is a good development – No. How would that data be recorded ? Too subtle for the survey to articulate a well thought through and nuanced policy instead of a dumbed down Three. Letter. Slogan. masquerading as government policy ?
    As a swinging voter (not a bolted on “pinko”) I look for credible policies and capabilities to deliver those policies. Not inane stunts or facile media grabs. When the government comes up with a decent federal policy, like for example, a detailed program for affordable housing delivery and a credible renewable energy policy for the 21st century, let us know.

    • My apologies for upsetting you. Unlike every other elected official, I sit on a dozen social media sites answering questions 24/7, patiently and politely. This site is a little different because it is the anti-development nest, dominated by about 20 correspondents with utterly fixed points of view. First, I only stereotype after your rigidity has been exposed. Second, my polite questions are NEVER answered, questions like, what is your plausible alternative? Alternatives which are actively discussed everywhere else but not here regrettably. Please don’t confuse my straight talk with you few, for my detailed and productive discussions with the entire community on other sites. Remember that I am now directly and regularly connected to around 20,000 Redlanders, ten times the size of this page. That doesn’t in any way intend to diminish 2030, just trying to keep you in perspective. Don’t get mad at me, just prove me wrong by coming up with a valid reason for undermining a growing Redlamds. I love this city and and while I know we can always do better, I don’t subscribe to Redland-shaming.

      • Andrew; shouldn’t you be doing some actual work representing your electorate rather than ‘sitting on a dozen social media sites’?

        Additionally, whilst you are throwing accusations of a biased constituency around here; as we all well know, your online ‘electorate’ is heavily skewed by the fact that you ban, block and exclude all of those who disagree with or challenge you on all of your social media.

        Despite having known and at times carried out work for you personally for roughly 10 years and spoken to you on numerous occasions recently, I have been blocked from your Facebook and Twitter accounts since around 2010… I note someone claiming to be a ‘social media expert’ in political circles once claimed that blocking a constituent was just about the worst thing you could do. Additionally, to date you continue to block me on Twitter despite having given assurances in person when you were out spruiking at my Daughter’s kindy Christmas party that you would remove the block. Given this hasn’t happened, one can only conclude that you are a liar and / or scared of facing your constituents.

        Meanwhile the ranks of your blocked constituents whom you are paid to represent appears to be growing by the day. I wonder how you expect to be able to debate and negotiate at high levels if you cant even handle debate from a few locals?

        In relation to this being as you put it and ‘anti-development nest’; I challenge you to find one single anti-development comment from me, anywhere. In fact; as you will see from my survey responses, i am a strong supporter of the Mayor and I am very happy with the direction of the Council. I also strongly support the Toondah development. So, if you please, perhaps you could quit with bagging people out – at the end of the day, if you were doing your job well and not blocking your detractors everywhere else, perhaps sites like this wouldn’t be springing up…

        Furthermore, regards the ‘Greenies’, ‘Pinko’, ‘Poofo’, ‘Lefto’ criticisms of this site and its readers – none of which are remotely acceptable given your position, as you know I was previously a Liberal supporter so if you could hang that up as well, that would be great. Maybe you want to give consideration to why so many previously strong Liberal voters and campaigners, people who at one time you introduced to John Howard, have deserted you in droves.

        Quoting the figures above is entirely designed to diminish 2030 – in exactly the same way as you threw the ‘graphic artist’ monicker at me in some weak attempt to discredit me last time I called out your misinformation in the Bulletin. Please…

  5. If there is one name that really annoys me it’s Andrew Laming. He pops up in every level of Government be it Local, State or Federal.
    My most destructive memory of him is the last local Government when he helped to get rid of one of our best Councillors, Debra Henry. The person he pushed with great gusto, ute at the ready to help get her signs up was Kym-Maree Hardman who has hardly said a word during the last term. By how I see it she votes as she is told and what better councillor can a pro-development Mayor have than a Councillor who will always do as she is told.
    I guess we can expect the same from Mr Laming at the next local Government so who can we expect him to target? The people are more aware of the assistance that Mr. Laming gives so maybe he should be more careful as the next local election rolls around.

    • Jan oh so true, going from a Councillor 100% committed to the community and the environment, who did her research and spoke up for everyone, Deb Henry was a great Councillor to go from that to a person who doesn’t open her mouth, doesn’t have any opinion on anything, doesn’t go to work and when pushed to attend a residents meeting, has no input into the issue, stands back and let’s Councillor Talty run the meeting.

  6. The best thing Andrew Laming can do for the people of Bowman is not nominate at the next election. We need true and honest politicians not Fence sitters. Guarantee when they come to dump Tony, Andrew will be backing Malcolm for a front bench seat.

  7. Priorities for action by the MP for Bowman. The other important ones missing from Question 2 are;
    1- Connecting every possible local unemployed job seeker to work experience and Work for the Dole.
    2- Bringing every Redland general practice and Childcare Centre together to assist vulnerable 0-5yo kids
    3- Establishing the first youth Mental Health service in Capalaba
    4- Transforming the Redland Hospital into a cutting-edge cancer treatment hub.
    5- Running Australia’s largest private sector work experience service
    6- Networking our City’s Mens Sheds to offer Redland-wide minor public works, maintenance and repairs.
    7- Green Army projects, tree planting and Whalewatch Interpretive centres.
    8- Initiating the campaign for next-of-kin medals for families whose loved ones are lost in war.
    9- Freeing up Redlands largest parcel of federal land, for a possible future Redland University
    10- Project managing the ANZAC Centenary memorial.
    11- Helping air-condition the Redlands Special School (oops, that’s State, and you dont want me doing that)
    12- Changing local GP software to ensure every Redland kid is screened incase they are failing milestones
    13- Partnering with the Health network to ensure we have the Speech therapy services in our Childcare Cntrs.
    14- Started Redlands Dance bursaries for talented primary school dancers who cant afford tuition.
    15- Funded Redland Young Champions- travel bursaries for kids’ academic, cultural and sporting travel costs.

    (if you want national achievements, you may need another question).

    • Re item 9, freeing up Redlands largest parcel of Federal land, for possible future Redland University. Where are you…where were you.. on this issue Andrew? BPA & Cr Bishop have worked tirelessly to prevent Willard Farm homstead built in the 1860s era from being demolished by developer in the nick of time by Capalaba MP Don Brown and Dr Miles Env Min. that should long ago have been listed on the Heritage Register and for which they are to be commended. Forget surveys Andrew. Work with the community on conservation and preservation issues, where needed, for today and future generations. Every effort must be made to disallow any developer from filling any of Commonwealth land from wall to wall housing estates that seems unstoppable in Redlands today. Concentrate more on Federal issues, Andrew, and less on local ones since you are being paid as our Federal Member for Bowman and not a Redland City councillor as some residents here in Capalaba thought prior to the last local election.

    • Just a suggestion – how about connecting job seekers with actual JOBS as a #1 priority..? I believe job seekers are already forced to do Wex & WFD, so you really needn’t worry about that part…

  8. He is more a self aggrandising, self promoting political pretender than a good Federal member.
    We are constantly being barraged with his antics everywhere else other than where he’s paid to work. He seems to think he’s some kind of super Member who can dispense his input in every level of government despite his lack of expertise and mandate…. he’s so far off the path as to warrant SES search.
    Of course as a private citizen , if he has the free time(?) he’s entitled to have an opinion but to then claim, as he does, that he has a mandate or it’s part of his job is pure self aggrandisement and self promotion.
    It also interesting to note that his input to out of jurisdiction meddling has had very limited success. But it is in the Federal arena he has made himself look missing in action other than his support to dump his leader.
    Then a few short weeks later trumpet how good that same leader is. It’s a wonder he didn’t claim that it was because Abbott respects his opinion so highly. My guess is that he is not well regarded by the current leadership or the Real Liberals who are more humane.
    BTW I’m not a Labor voter I just want the man to represent the whole electorate not just those he agrees with or his opinions

    • I have no mandate. Just love the Redlands, and help where ever I can. As for Canberra, my intervention got the unpopular policies jettisoned and the Govt back on track. You may know better though !!!

  9. Since this is basically a poll of Labor/Green voters, it actually serves a purpose; telling me what those who never vote for me want me to do. Guess what I will do with that information? I don’t want to offend anyone, but you need to see the problem with your own mischievousness…. If that’s a word !!

  10. No! He is far more focussed on self-promotion and promotion of LNP policy and their developer mates’ wishes, than he is on the wishes of the electorate. I have witnessed his interference in Local Government events, including those at the last Mayoral Candidates debate, between Melva Hobson and Karen Williams.

  11. Wow, haven’t I annoyed someone !! I take that as a compliment. I am happy for any feedback, even from my most vitriolic opponents; the well known regulars on display below. It all makes for better democracy. I know noisy minorities have the most to lose from my surveys, because massive and repeated surveys like mine cast extreme views into perspective. However aggressive your point of view is, I welcome it, but being vitriolic doesn’t get you more than one vote in a democracy. My surveys now have over 10,000 Redlanders responding, so I wish you luck in your enterprise. If you have any suggestions for the next Redlands Biggest Survey, all suggestions will be incorporated where we can.

    • Look I appreciate that as the most vigorous Parliamentary user of social media, it must seem like I am up your drain-pipe every day 2030. Don’t mistake that level of energy for not ‘being on task. I do have a day job! It is important that I engage any Redlander on any issue of concern. Will try to do that, resources, time and my family life permitting.

  12. Laming has been a consistent non performer in many local and social areas since he was elected in Bowman. The fact that he has been a distraction within his own party on the leadership spill speaks volumes. The blatant “product placement” of Laming in shrill on Facebook posts shows his lack of moral compass. The farce continues with his survey – one per house hold – as to how he should vote on same sex unions. The most cynical manipulation of public sentiment yet seen in Australia. I was however pleased to see him recently referenced as a marginal seat holder……

    • Thanks Cam, How much I annoy one-eyed Labor voters is somewhat of a barometer on how well I am doing in my job. My interventions within my own Party now have now seen the federal Coalition running rings around Bill Shorten; unless you want to attribute that turnaround to somebody else. The floor is yours.

      • Abbott is has rings running around inside his own head.
        Where do we start with him?

        Liar? See 2013 Election before and after words and actions.

        Conspirator? Hansen, Slipper. TPP!!!

        Sycophant? The 1%

        International Embarrassment? Significant.

        It goes on.
        Maybe unfortunate for you Andrew, but
        A Vote for Laming is a Vote for Abbott.

      • I have never contributed to a forum such as this, nor, incidentally, do I read 2030 much, but I am appalled at the attitude of an elected representative of the people to reply in such a condescending and patronising manner as you do, Andrew. I should have thought that better ‘barometer’ would have to assess the positive responses to your actions, of which there don’t seem to be too many here, and all 2030 patrons can’t be ‘pinkos’. The ‘well known regulars’ to whom you refer are, I imagine, members of your electorate and should be deserving of your support, not your contempt. Getting a politician of any colour to listen to any issue contradictory to their own particular doctrine is like pulling teeth, not easy and, usually, painful.

    • Standard arrogance of a politician full of smarmy wanna be put drowns after all He’s more important. I’d suggest he gets a dictionary and reads up on humility. A biased popularity poll doesn’t mean you’re better wiser or right than people who have been there and done that. It simply means you’ve tricked enough to get you elected.

  13. As a social document, the Laming survey is simplistic to the point of uselessness. It is a lite scamper through trigger issues like koalas, increased police presence, sand mining, Toondah Harbour, gay marriage … and allows only lite, simplistic responses: Agree, Unsure, Disagree.
    ‘Public playgrounds: Disagree’. Who would tick that box?
    ‘Local employment. Is there enough?’ Duh.
    What is the value of the ‘survey’? Since many citizens would choose not to participate – leery of the hollow questions, and reluctant to give away useful information in the form of personal profiles and details – such a survey cannot legitimately claim to provide a reasonable spectrum of local views. What it will reveal instead is the agenda of the author, and it will give him whatever ammunition he likes to use to spruik selected ‘statistics’ in support of his ideological values – not necessarily to ventilate your concerns.
    The survey is Laming’s political prop.

    • Jackie, the voter intent from my consecutive annual surveys are within 2% of the NEXT Election’s results (sometimes closer), meaning that political skew is (almost) non-existent (you probably dont respond- but nor does a strong Liberal for the opposite reason. Sure there are skews, but with such massive numbers participating, it don’t appear to be impeding the results. Of course I can adjust for age and gender for greater granularity. This month’s version is a five minute survey, so you are correct it is brief, but what you are missing is that not everyone is as passionate as you on issues. Seeking five minutes of feedback often maxes people out and they toss it. Different formats maximize engagement. It may seem useless to you, but its for my use, not yours, and I find it invaluable.

  14. My business is market research and all self-completion surveys, online or hard copy, have to be backed with either a focus group or a random telephone survey. With online I always set it up so there is only one reply from an IP address. People with certain agendas will always multi reply to get their point across. Another point to consider, who is compiling the data collected? Is it going to be percentaged and cross tabulated with area of residence or age, gender or work status. Many things have to be considered when reading research information.

    Research is a wonderful way for anyone to find out what the general public feels, knows, plans, uses, likes, dislikes – but in the wrong hands it can be a complete waste of time and money. The questionnaire has to have topics that are meaniful and certainly somewhere for the respondent to explain why they have given a certain rating. If you can ask ‘why did they say that’ at the end of the completed return it’s because you haven’t asked the right questions.

    Methodology is the key to good data collection and I am certainly not saying this is not a good way to collect information but it has to be complimented with other methods of data collection.

  15. Great work Redlands 2030. Fighting fire with fire. Let the battle of the dodgy surveys begin.

  16. I believe that the Laming survey should be sent to an independent accessor, after looking at past conduct would be best to get someone without an agenda to go through the survey and release it. People would feel it would be more valuable than an excuse to promote the Member

    • Thanks Toni. Unfortunately, that is not consistent with the Entitlements Act. But I do the next best thing. I solicit questions people want on the survey then run it past an independent panel each year. We didn’t do this for this mini-survey, because it was a far smaller and faster operation.

      • this is a circular arguement – you ask questions people want to hear ? – how do you first find a representative sample of the population ? friends / family / sycophants ? Clearly you are running out of excuses for this sham. “mini – survey” – there is no such thing – it either has credibility as a survey, or it doesn’t

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