Help Redlands2030 keep the spotlight shining

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Over the past 18 months Redlands2030 has been shining a spotlight on the Redland City Council. We have highlighted:

Our initiatives have made it easier for people to:

Almost every day we get a ‘thank you’ from someone in the community for the work we do. We are now reviewing the Draft City Plan which could affect lifestyle and property values in the Redlands.

Can you help us to help you?

A few volunteers work on a shoestring budget to keep you in the picture  with our website, newsletter and Facebook page. You could help us to fund things like:

  • Right to Information requests (they start at $45 but can be hundreds of dollars)
  • Hire of venues for public meetings e.g. to discuss the Draft City Plan 2015
  • Operating and enhancing our website and communications media

Will you help us keep the spotlight shining on your local Council? A small donation using our secure online system will make a real difference.

Steve MacDonald
President – Redlands2030


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One thought on “Help Redlands2030 keep the spotlight shining

  1. I really appreciate all the work that the Redlands2030 does to keep us in the know.
    I have supported them with a small donation through PayPal which is shown in the article attached.
    Without their help I would not have a clue about what this Council is up to and I like to know what Council is doing behind our backs in many cases.
    Thanks to the fellows in Redlands2030 who work so hard on our behalf.

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