Healy is “a chip off the old block”

Janine Healy - candidate for Division 7

Janine Healy – candidate for Division 7

Independent Redland City Council candidate Janine Healy discovered she is following in the famous footsteps of her great, great grandfather by running for election in Division 7 on March 19.

Healy’s great, great grandfather John Healy served as a councilor and then mayor of Warwick in southeast Queensland from 1875 through to the 1890s.

During his term John Healy became known as the father of the Warwick town clock as he was instrumental in having it installed in the new Town Hall tower.

Book cover "Passage to Pusan" written by Louise Evans

Book cover “Passage to Pusan” written by Louise Evans

“It was a real light bulb moment when I read about my great great grandfather, I had no idea I was following in such giant footsteps,” Janine said.

“It’s so exciting to discover that a member of my own family was a representative of the people at local government level. It makes me feel very proud that there is a family history of community service and ‘giving it a go’.

”It really hit a chord with me that I am on the right track in seeking council election and that I have opened the right door.”

Janine discovered the political connection while reading a new non fiction book Passage to Pusan which follows the epic voyage taken by her pioneering grandmother Thelma Healy to find the grave of her war hero son Vincent (Janine’s late uncle) in war-torn Korea in 1961.

The book reveals John Healy was originally from Limerick in Ireland and arrived in Australia in 1862 on the ship Conway with his Tipperary-born bride Kate Depazzi Perdeaux. They settled in Warwick and opened a bakery before running for pubic office.

Passage to Pusan's heroine Thelma Healy (Janine Healy's grand mother) with her travel diary in front of a picture of her war hero son Vincent.

Passage to Pusan’s heroine Thelma Healy (Janine Healy’s grandmother) with her travel diary in front of a picture of her war hero son Vincent.

Originally from Beaudesert, Janine Healy moved to Brisbane as a schoolgirl and has lived for 13 years in the Redlands area where she is a single mum raising three young boys.

She said she was motivated to run for Division 7 as an Independent because she wanted to convert her years of volunteer community work into something more permanent and lasting.

“Much like my great great grandfather, I want to put my community on the map,” Janine said. “I’ve been a competitive swimmer all my life and I work as a swim coach so health and fitness are very important to me.

“I want Redlands City to be a sports and recreation destination where parents and kids are fit and active and where people can come to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and good community facilities.”

Written for Redlands2030 by Louise Evans

Louise Evans has worked for Australian Associated Press, Fairfax, News Corp and the ABC in Australia, China and the UK.

Passage to Pusan by Lousie Evans was published in 2015 by PB Books. More information about the book is available on this website and Facebook page.

More information

Janine Healy, is running as an independent candidate for Redland City Council’s Division 7. More information is available from her Candidate Facebook page.


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