Toondah project gets support from Grand View

Grand View Hotel in Cleveland

One of eight submissions to support the Toondah project was sent from the Grand View Hotel

How would the proposed development of 3,600 apartments on dredged Ramsar wetlands next to Toondah Harbour affect Cleveland’s heritage listed Grand View Hotel?

Perhaps the hotel would get some extra custom while 3,600 apartments are constructed over a period of 15-20 years.

But the hotel might not have such a ‘grand view’ if a number of ten storey apartment blocks are built between the Grand View and Cassim Island.

The owners of this heritage listed property appear to be comfortable with development in the area.

They recently obtained council approval for multi storey apartments next to the hotel which exceed prescribed height limits and will result in the loss of two koala trees.

A submission sent from the Grand View hotel is the sixth submission expressing support for the Toondah residential development project to be published by Redlands2030.

The Federal Government said it received a total of eight submissions supporting the project while 1,411 submissions were opposed.

Here is the full unedited text of the ‘Grand View’ submission (FOI 170702 Document 89)

Grand View submission supporting Toondah development

I wish to register my support for the Toondah Harbour Development Project, a project with established priority status by the QLD State Government & Redland City Council . I offer the following comments in support:

* it fits with the long term planning foresight for Southeast Queensland (SEQ) & the concept has been discussed for over four decades

* it is close to Brisbane International Airport……..only 30minutes away ……….and has a rail connection at Cleveland from Brisbane

* SEQ continues to be a major growth area with significant population increases in the nextdecades ( ref. Govt. Plan )

* it is a very desirable living area with agreeable climate & sea breezes…..” in Brisbane, live on a hill or on the Bay “.

* Moreton Bay is an extensive area of waterways & sub tropical islands, many of which are inhibited

* North Sradbroke Island is the “jewel in the crown” …….a tourism product of international significance, hindered by out of date access infrastructure

* with the phasing out of mining, it is essential to bring the access facilities & surrounds up to modern standards

* the harbour also needs to be complimented with accommodation, residential commercial & marina to make it attractive and viable

* the proposal is in a shallow tidal area on what appears to be a solid “ rock” base & reclamation would result in minimal disturbance

* Cleveland needs such a development to cope with the future population & tourism demands or be left behind

* this is a project of vision………it needs to be acted on now before it languishes like the 2nd Sydney airport & city roads

* we only need to look to the Wagner’s Toowoomba airport initiative to see how Toondah would be a catalyst for Straddie, the mainland & the Bay

* Dunwich harbour at Straddie also needs attention in the near future

[name redacted by RTI decision]
Grand View Hotel
[phone number redacted by RTI decision]
Fax: 07 3821 0511

23 May 2017

Other submissions about Walker Group’s EPBC referral

Submissions about Walker Group’s proposed Toondah Harbour project were obtained by Redlands2030 through a crowd funded Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

The Federal Government says that in response to Walker Group’s latest EPBC referral there were 1,419 submissions – 1,411 opposing and eight supporting the project.

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Redlands2030 – 26 September 2017

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4 thoughts on “Toondah project gets support from Grand View

  1. It does seem rather odd that the owners of the Grand View, who will one day want to sell the business, would actively support a development which will destroy the very feature which gave the Hotel its name since 1910, thereby devaluing the business, I would imagine, by many thousands of dollars!
    The GV website makes a feature of the wedding venue with ‘stunning views across Moreton Bay to the bay islands’. How that will change!
    I assume that Redlands2030 reprinted the text of the GV submission verbatim, so I find the statement about the ‘sub tropical islands … [being] inhibited’ (sic) amusing. Also, I can’t imagine who would ‘compliment’ (sic) the harbour either now, in its rather sad state, or in the future, should the dreadful Walker plans be realised.

  2. I would ask: ‘how does thousands of new residents in 10-storey apartment buildings erected in Toondah Harbour surrounds help promote tourism? Overseas visitors will pay big bucks simply to see a koala in the wild but our politicians from all sides simply want them all exterminated from what I have personally observed over the past 30 years…along with Grand View Hotel bosses who will down two koala trees… where I saw a koala in one of them…. in grounds to be transformed into several storey units? Why would they agree to this? Does the hotel no longer warrant recognition as a heritage building/location? Does tourism, being promoted by our State/Fed Governments, not matter to them?
    Non-stop development of homes/units in the area in which I live in Capalaba adds each day to the congestion experienced on suburban roads with long lines of polluting motor vehicles lined up bumper to bumper from 4-way intersection at Finucane/Old Cleveland Rds winding around Windemere Rd Alexandra Hills in a.m. rush hour as workers leave the City for various destinations. New neighbours have two cars, as do most families, both driving out of Redlands for work. Whenever I ask residents why they do not use public transport, reply is always the same. Buses don’t take them to their place of employment and public transport is slow, whether it be bus or train. Hundreds more vehicles can be expected in the immediate area I live in when Redland Mayor’s late parents former flower farm off Windemere Rd Alex Hills have been completed that takes in vast acres of land. Has RCC operatives negotiated with Infrastructure Minister Jackie Trad on ways of alleviating the worsening traffic nightmare in Capalaba who was quick to approve the Walker Corp plan for Toondah Harbour? There appears to be a deathly silence from politicians on this important issue it seems to me.

  3. I suppose Grandview is not expecting a potential challenge of a Toondah Bottle Shop for Beer and Barge.

  4. Oh what a shame the Grandview Hotel representatives are so short sighted . I am amused that they think there is shallow tidal areas covering over 100 acres of a marine park, do they not realise the amount of fill needed to be dumped into the bay to raise the building pad to a level that will be not impacted storm levels and high tides. They claim that the ferry terminal is out of date infrastructure, wondering if they have been to other large ferry terminals in the world which are similar and successful, the fact that Walker doesn’t have to do one a thing at the terminal until they have built and sold 900 units is another slap in the face for the community. Do they not get the big picture and the scenic landscape from their hotel. The fact that Redlands has exceeded its State government population predictions and the city is already struggled with poor road infrastructure another 10,000 people will also need more schools not restaurants and more public parks.

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