Troy Robbins films the Redlands

Troy Robbins

Troy Robbins

Passion and cinema often go together but there are different kinds of passion. Troy Robbins is passionate about the coastal areas of Redland City which are threatened by poorly planned development.

He has produced a number of short videos about this area which can be viewed on Vimeo and the Redlands2030 YouTube Channel.

These films are an expression of Troy’s concerns about the increasing damage to our environment. Some of this damage is a result of thoughtless behavior like littering. Of more concern is the connivance by Government and Council in promoting projects like high rise buildings and marinas in areas of natural beauty that sustain a variety of wildlife.

These videos serve a dual purpose. They record the environment that we currently enjoy but they also warn decision makers about the consequences of inappropriate development. Hopefully some people will find information delivered in this way easier to follow than reading a long technical submission.

Toondah Harbour

Plans for Priority Development Areas at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek were poorly conceived. Consultation coordinated by the Redland City Council was both inadequate and deceptive. PDAs have been planned in isolation from the surrounding communities with scant regard for the natural environment especially the large RAMSAR site (internationally significant wetland) which covers most of the southern Bay including the areas around Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek PDAs.

Walk On By No More is the title of a song written and performed by Troy Robbins. This performance was filmed at a protest by 300 people against the Toondah Harbour scheme (on 23 February 2014).

New listings on Redlands2030 by Troy Robbins:

Here are details of some recent videos on the Redlands2030 YouTube channel, most of them by Troy Robbins.

Cassim Island, although only a small island and not often visited by Redlanders, the Island is very important to the health of the Toondah Harbour area and the ecology of Moreton Bay. It is also of historical significance to the Redlands and a place of natural beauty. This video looks at the critical role it plays in the bay and the urgent threat posed to the island through the proposed PDA development.

Cassim Shipwreck is an important cultural artefact of Redland City’s maritime history. It is located near Cassim Island.Unfortunately, it was not mentioned in the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Scheme which may be an indication of poor quality research by Council and the State Government. 

“Blakesleys” Anchorage is situated on the western shoreline of North Stradbroke Island, approximately three nautical miles south of the central township of Dunwich. The vegetation and beach are the combined result of invasive sand mining practices which have damaged the water table. A partial “breakaway” occurred in 1984.

 Commerce vs. Ecology – Toondah, Cassim and Sandy sacrificed, a perspective by Redlands resident Troy Robbins has been caring for and protecting the wildlife and habitats of Moreton Bay for more than 30 years. In this video, Troy talks about the critical role Cassim Island plays in the ecology of Moreton Bay. Cassim, and other small islands in Moreton Bay, face the threat of being totally eliminated by the Queensland State Government’s PDA scheme. This scheme will see the islands destroyed and replaced with multi-story apartment dwellings. Troy talks about the need to restore the balance and to protect and care for  riparian zones.

 The video record of Redlands2030  also includes:


A beautiful turtle dies in Moreton Bay This turtle was found during a morning walk at Wellington Point, Moreton Bay. It was most likely struck by a boat and suffered a painful death.
This video by a concerned resident highlights that we need we have to care for the environment and wildlife of Moreton Bay. Any significant increase in the number of boats in southern Moreton Bay is likely to result in an increase in the number of boat strike incidents.

 Help Save GJ Walter Park.  GJ Walter park in Cleveland, Queensland, Australia has been included in the PDA (Priority Development Area) known as Toondah Harbour.

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