World Mangrove Action Day

26 July 2014

The future of mangroves depends on us.

Near-shore fisheries and most large-scale commercial offshore fisheries are utterly dependent on mangroves as breeding grounds. Mangroves provide pleasant panoramas, promote wellness and recreation, filter coastal pollution, prevent soil erosion and improve diversity.

Like all trees, mangroves lock and store carbon in their wood. But, mangroves also lock huge amounts of carbon into the soil under the sea level: 1,000 tons per hectare – more than three times as much as tropical forest on land.

Learn about the state of mangroves in Moreton Bay and globally
Presented by world renowned scientists Dr Norm Duke and Jock Mackenzie, TropWater, James Cook University

MangroveWatch – the Citizen Science program coordinated by Wildlife Queensland in and around Moreton Bay
Presented by Simon Baltais, Moreton Bay Community MangroveWatch & Seagrass-Watch Program Manager

How the Port of Brisbane works to minimize impacts on the natural environment from the port’s operations
Presented by Craig Wilson, PoB Environmental Manager

Mangroves near Toondah Harbour

Mangroves near Toondah Harbour

For more information read the Mangrove Action Day Invite

Bookings are essential.

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For more information about helping to conserve mangroves check out these websites”:





Event: World Mangrove Action Day

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