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Game of Mates is a  new book that explains how politically well connected mates get richer and the public loses out.

Those in the Game are named. The costs of hundreds of billions of dollars a year are laid out. Real solutions are proposed and fake solutions are called out as such”.

Cameron Murray, one of the book’s authors, will speak at a book launch in Redland City hosted by Redlands2030.

Date: Thurs 22 June 2017

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: Redlands Multi-sport Club (NOTE: Thurs 5.30 – 8pm is $10 Steak/salad/chip special)

Venue location: Corner of Randall and Bailey Roads, Birkdale (MAP)

RSVP to  (and donation on entry) would be appreciated.


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About Game of Mates

Game of Mates tells a tale of economic theft across major sectors of Australia’s economy, showing how ‘James’ and his group of well-connected Mates siphon off billions from the economy to line their own pockets. In property, mining, transport, banking, superannuation, and many more sectors, James and his Mates cooperate to steal huge chunks of the economic pie for themselves.

If you want to know how much this costs the nation, how it is done, and what we can do about it, Game of Mates is the book for you.

“This book will open your eyes to how Australia really works. It’s not good news, but you need to know it.”

Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald Economics Editor, see book preview.


While we are distracted by mythical battles in the Game of Thrones, we are being robbed in the real world “Game of Mates” where the well-connected clip the wages and profits of the hard working. Murray and Frijters provide an entertaining and well researched expose of how privilege and rent-seeking dominates the Australian economy, enriching the Mates in the Game while robbing the rest. And they propose how to end the Game. And they name real names too. This is an explosive and essential book for all Australians. Except the Mates.

Professor Steve Keen, Kingston University

About the authors

Dr Cameron Murray.  

Cameron is an economist and consultant who specialises in property markets, environmental economics, and corruption. He teaches at the University of Queensland, blogs at and tweets as DrCameronMurray.

Professor Paul Frijters.

Paul is a prominent research economist and has published over 70 papers in fields including unemployment policy, discrimination and economic development. He regularly commentates on economic issues in newspapers and on television, including articles in the New York Times and on the BBC. He specialises in applied micro-econometrics, including labor, happiness, and health economics, though he has also worked on pure theoretical topics in macro and micro fields. Currently, Paul is a Project Director and Professorial Research Fellow in the Centre for Economic Performance Wellbeing Programme at the London School of Economics.

Redlands2030 – 10 June 2017

Date: June 22, 2017
Time: 06:00 p.m.
Event: Redlands book launch: Game of Mates
Topic: Redlands Book Launch
Public: Public

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2 thoughts on “Redlands book launch: Game of Mates

  1. Dr Cameron Murray gave evidence at the CCC Inquiry , but people should read his evidence,
    the draft CCC legislation and Rob Pyne’s items in Hansard.
    The extents of bad governance and alleged corruption have seen the formation of Qld Local Government Reform Alliance in SEQ to protect Staff from intimidation, bullying and threats. The newsletters give some printable evidence of deterioration of standards, governance and due process, particularly in nearby Logan City including Yarabilba, Flagstone and Undullah documented in several of Cameron Murray’s articles and blogs.

    The Economics of ; maladministration , discounts for developers , several infrastructure classes built by some Councils for developers, environmental costs of land clearing and damage to Ecosystem Services , lack of developer contributions for ;real Community Infrastructure , Parks , Biodiversity Hotspots , Metropolitain and Regional Open Space, and Green Fauna Infrastructure . are missing. The economics of bad design (in PDAs etc )of unsustainable 5% park contribution on intact creeks , to be further subdivided /jammed up by water voids and drainage detention basins, bikeways , sewerlines , storm water drains, jogging tracks and other utilities should be challenged .
    These , and the bargaining down 0f Offsets , Infrastructure Capping ,Landbanking of several types, loss of koalas at say $10,000 each? just have not been opened sufficiently for Environmental and Development Accounting and Government Auditing . These are still formidable numbers including Ecosystem Services,while not in the sphere of the potential of $Billions of rezonings gains in the Cameron Murray Papers .

  2. The mates trail leads into both sides of parliament with Rob Pyne unable to read into Hansard more Council corruption . He was shut down . There are 3 $million of koala offsets gone missing in ipswich alleged. What about the rest?

    There is pending CCC legislation to delegate corruption cases to UAPs and Deputy Commissioner of Police. Rob Pyne will have to give evidence to 4 Corners , ICAC and Australian Federal Police, before we can learn anymore.