Ormiston koala

Ormiston koala

The purpose is the meeting is for Ormiston residents to understand the reckoning and reasoning behind ‘The City Plan’ planning scheme

Questions on the agenda
The planning scheme:
• Zoning scheme: Urban residential and commercial, why are the overlays so important and how does it affect residents
• What blocks are affected by overlays
• Habitat overlays- what’s the difference between high value, medium value and low value
• Which blocks are low value- and does this mean the habitat overlay means anything
• What changes will be in the planning scheme to accommodate the increase of 60,000 more people in Redlands by 2041
• How will Redlands hold this capacity and where will the boundaries for development change
• Has enough land been set aside for development or will it require more
• What’s in the planning scheme to strengthen koala protection, waterway, dog restraints and what connection is there with local law and planning
• What land will be opened up for future development
• What and how is pressure coming from the State Government
• What is on the Council agenda for Ormiston Tourism
• What value is placed on the koala
• What is the dollar value for residential properties for koala and fauna tourism
• What strength is in the planning scheme for wildlife corridors
• What protection is there for vegetation and are we in fear of losing this
• Ormiston House Tourism, how much tourism comes from the ABC documentaries and gardening shows, Great South East etc
• What value does Redlands and in particular Ormiston tourism get from the Council media team
The questions will be to this agenda and we will make every effort to keep the meeting calm and civil. On completion of this agenda we would like to open another 30 minutes to open questions if possible and again every effort will be made to keep this calm and civil. Our intention is not of one of attack but rather education.

Could you please confirm your acceptance to Adelia.berridge@bigpond.com .
If this date and time in not convenient could you please advise your required change.

Thank you

Event: Public Meeting for Ormiston Residents

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