Our island economy

When sand mining ends what kind of island should we have ?

North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island

A community forum to open debate and discussion about what kind of Island we should have after mining is being held with involvement of:

  • Amity Progress Association (APPA)
  • Stradbroke Island Management Organisation (SIMO)
  • Redlands2030

The Mayor and the Member for Cleveland have announced an economic transition taskforce – different and better, they say, than the one in 2010-11. To date there is no community representation.

We want to give the wider Island community an opportunity to explore questions like

  • realistic alternatives and how are they evaluated
  • how to make the environment count
  • what is needed to make the Island fairer
  • having real dialogue and choices
  • where does the Toondah development fit in


  • Howard Guille; long involvement in community and regional planning & development including SEQ-2001 and the NSI Transition Taskforce 2010-11
  • Clare Carroll; General Manager, Minjerribah Camping and expert on eco and sustainable tourism
  • Steve McDonald; long experience as regional and land-use planner

Following a presentation from each speaker there will be open discussion about what’s important to the community and how to get community involvement in determining our island future.

For more information, contact
Stradbroke Island Management Organisation (SIMO) email secretarysimo@gmail.com or mobile 0419-673-092
Amity Point Progress Association (APPA) email appa1948@outlook.com

and keep an eye on the SIMO Facebook page

Date: December 6, 2014
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Event: North Stradbroke Island Community Forum
Sponsor: SIMO, APPA and Redlands2030
Location: Queensland
Public: Public

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