Regional Plan

Learn about the Toondah koala tracking project and have your say on the Regional Plan

The Koala Action Group invites you to discuss the proposed new Regional Plan at an information session.

Meeting Details

Date: Sunday 19 February 2017

Time: 5:00 pm

Venue: Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Rd Capalaba

Regional Plan

This will be an opportunity to have your say on the future of Redlands, and its wildlife.

Councillor Wendy Boglary will be guest speaker discussing the State Government’s Draft SEQ Regional Plan 2041 which is a blueprint for where and what density of development will occur over the next 25 years in South East Queensland.

What will the Draft Plan mean for Redlands and what impacts will there be on our lifestyle values, including koalas and the natural environment?

Find out how you can have your say.

Toondah Koala Tracking Project

Koala movements are being mapped as part of the Toondah Harbour koala tracking project

There will also be a presentation on the Toondah Koala Tracking project.  The project which commenced 10 weeks ago is revealing some interesting information on the behaviour and tree preferences of our local koalas.

All are welcome, more information available at


Date: February 19, 2017
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Event: Redlands and the new Regional Plan
Topic: KAG Information Session
Public: Public

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2 thoughts on “Redlands and the new Regional Plan

  1. The comments by Dennis Tafe and KAG should be noted ahead of the SEQ Regional Plan launch, and the Minsters Koala Panel Report and supporting documents. There have been 3 koala reports primarily from Tertiary Institutions and WWF/individuals of some repute in 2017 . There is some belated realisation that Land Use , land clearing, fragmentation,various types of 2-6 lane roading, & dogs were connected to stress and Chlamydia and the local extinction spiral predicted by Frank Carrick and EHP in 2008and 2009. There are arguably; some contradictions in admissions to Koala Hospitals and road trauma and dogs and a few conflicts/omissions in sequences, time slots , spatial analysis, and statistic assemblages across these reports. However these reports and the Koala Panel Report have not undertaken a comprehensive land use, clearing , roadkill and koala data study seen in the Thompson Report (2006) and contemporary documents.
    EHP,State Govt and most Councils as the Redland 2030 submitters have pointed out , are doing little to nothing about landclearing , buyback , overpasses and fencing,planting corridors,tipping point population and health surveys and …..

    The Koala component of the SEQRPlan will be dependent upon The Ministers Koala Panel final report and maps (unseen-not advertised ).
    Some of the issues in contention include
    1 the unsustainable Euthanasia rates of 85% in 4 Koala Hospitals-permit maze. what is a dead koala worth? what is a trade koala worth?
    2. Increasing KRN Grants for Modelling, Retrospectives and Climate Change,etc Koalas, lack concrete suggestions in law reform, funding and interventions.
    3 No protection for High Value Regrowth (6900ha in ML RCC) or most Remnant Vegetation
    4. No Head of Powers in DTMR for underpasses , overpasses and fences. No definitions-no $$- no programs
    5 Dogs and Wild dogs in some areas Moreton Bay Rail -161 Koalas killed by dogs (57%)
    6. Modelling Habitat over Mapping
    7. Few Tipping Point Surveys and Health Surveys since 2012
    8.Other changes to VMAct PMAVs buyback needed with better mapping
    9. Both states Victoria and NSW NGOs proposing Great Koala National Parks- none here yet.
    10. Koala Habitat Mapping missing -about 5 types needed
    11 The Koala should be declared Endangered in SEQ like a small part of Byron and Tea Gardens in NSW. State and Federal Recovery Plans are overdue.
    12 There is virtually no disclosure of the koala and offset industries. $3M in Koala Offsets alleged to have disappeared in Ipswich ?
    You can add more as we see little outcomes compared to NSW govt spending 4 x $100M a year on Threatened Species.
    The draft SEQRP features Regional Biodiversity Areas (RBVs)with only 5 attributes in Rural Areas and Preferred Future Growth Areas, omitting Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity in “Measures that Matter” and lacks environmental Planning Instruments connecting back to EHP data bases and in the SEQ Bioregion Biodiversity Planning Assessment .Half the Koala habitat (HVRegrowth) is not protected in the RBVs. See map 4a

    The Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning has delegated Matters of Local Significance to Local Councils. They have also shed assessment of Biodiversity Hotspots , Regional Biodiversity Values and HV Regrowth to unknowing and unresourced Local Councils and Cities.
    The community will have to undertake some of the Hotspot Studies
    This is ahead of a Strategic Investigation Assessment of SEQ under the EPBC Act yet to be approved. This may cost $3M (not enough and who could you trust do it?)and is to arguably delegate Matters of National Environmental Significance(MNES) to SARA and to Fast track 11 Preferred Future Growth Areas(stated by DILGP) and possibly future PDAs(Flinders)
    Send in more submissions and social media after the Launch .
    The supporting documents may come later.

  2. It is all very well to track koala movements but if you’re really concerned about conserving koala numbers in SE Qld you need to reduce the alarming rate of habitat clearing. Otherwise you will still be talking about tracking koalas when there are only 2-3 left. As for the Labor Party initiative to put more money into koala research, we all know that what koalas need is enough habitat to survive and breed.