Are we stuck with cargo cult thinking?

A "cargo cult" it and they will come?

Build it and they will bring cargo

Is Redland City Council suggesting a cargo cult approach to economic development? Howard Guille, a local resident with a long and impressive record in regional planning and economic development, thinks so.

Review of the draft economic development strategy

Howard Guille discusses the the Council’s draft Economic Development Strategy in two videos for Redlands2030. His commentary is a “must” for anyone wanting to understand how to improve the City’s prosperity.These videos are now available on the Redlands2030 YouTube Channel.

Guille suggests that an economic strategy hinged on population growth and land development will do little to secure the “future” of the Redlands. He describes this as “cargo cult” thinking which will not provide our community with a long term basis for economic development.

What’s missing from the draft strategy?

Guille is particularly concerned that the draft Strategy fails to address many important issues. He wonders why such a document would be put forward. His critical review is presented in the video titled: An experts review of the draft Economic Development Strategy for Redlands.

Options for the (Redlands) economy

His second video,  An expert’s options for an economic development strategy for Redlands, contains some of Guille’s ideas for  inclusion  in the Economic Development Strategy. He discusses the City’s relationship with Brisbane and talks about building our economy on the “back” of our assets.

Guille’s expertise adds value

Howard Guille has over forty years experience in industry, economics and public policy. He has been an Associate Professor in Humanities specialising in political economy. From  1994-2006, he was Queensland Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union. He has had a long association with North Stradbroke Island where he has lived since 2006. In 2011 he was study leader for a major report undertaken for the North Stradbroke Island Transition Program.

Mr Guille’s planning experience includes membership of the SEQ 2001 Regional Planning Advisory Group where he Chaired the main strategy planning committee.  He was a member of the SEQ Regional Economic Development Organisation (REDO) in the mid-1990s. He has also been involved industry restructuring  from the 1980s to the late 2000s.

Can you help? your brain power and experience to help inform the draft Economic Development Strategy…wants your views and experience to help inform the draft Economic Development Strategy appreciates Howard Guille’s help in informing the community about the  draft Redland Economic Development Strategy.  We hope other residents will also come forward to be heard. Contributions can be made by posts, videos, photos or valued comments through the website or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The economic prosperity of the Redlands is important for the whole community. It is too important to be left to self serving politicians with their 3 word slogans like”open for business”.

Everyone should have an opportunity to be heard and is pleased to provide a forum for this to happen.