Donald Simpson Centre funding withdrawal

Donald Simpson Centre

Donald Simpson Centre in Cleveland

This week’s mailbag zeros in on the need to reinstate funding for Donald Simpson Centre; corruption watchdogs and a better community model for dealing with corruption and property development.

Donald Simpson Centre

I am writing to express my concern about the withdrawal of funding by the Council to the Donald Simpson Centre.

If funding is not reinstated, the Centre may close its doors within the next year according to the President in his blog on the DSC website.

Cr Lance Hewlett is proposing a Motion to reinstate funding at the next General Meeting on 4th October.

Crs Mitchell, Edwards, Elliott, Talty, Gleeson and Williams voted to remove the funding in April 2017.

All supporters of the Centre remaining open should send the Councillors an email at

We need to request they vote to reinstate funding for the Donald Simpson Centre

In the meantime does any one know what is planned for the “HUB” in the park near the Donald Simpson Centre. One rumour is there is a plan for a new building next to or behind RDCOTA.

Most of the remainder of the park will be for parking for all users of these centres.

Any “development” in the park will destroy the Park by stealth.

Has anyone heard any news or update about HUB proposal?


Corruption watchdogs

The Crime and Corruption Commission of Queensland (CCC) and an Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW) (ICAC) are not the same. They are two very different vehicles. They achieve very different outcomes.

A great reference tool is the April 2017 Australian Institute report titled “Watchdog asleep at the Gate“. It provides in plain English a current, independent and credible comparison of the NSW ICAC and the Qld CCC.

It also comments on the NSW ICAC changes that were made during 2016 which removed some of the watchdog’s teeth; however, it is too early to see any statistical response to these changes.


Corruption and Property Development: How to fix a broken system

I hope the “Corruption and Property Development: How to fix a broken system” event at South Brisbane on Sunday made some progress.  I think that the event will be preaching to the converted.

An action plan would be a good outcome.

A plan that brings all the issues about development the community needs put together on umbrella organization.

Issues at Toondah include Koalas, Sea grass, Shore bird feeding area, bird roost, traffic congestion, parking, marine safety, visual amenity, loss of a public boat ramp, entrenchment of a single car ferry operator and more.

Every one of these is a valid issue so in the big picture the development should clearly not go ahead.

Taken individually you can perhaps address some of the issues, plant more trees for Koalas, but when you put the whole project together it is still a very negative outcome for wildlife and the community.

The federal environment department isn’t concerned about parking or marine safety so don’t expect any help from them on any side issues.

So who pulls together all the groups?




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  1. Good letters. I’m swayed by the argument for a community organisation with the clout to fight across the board on issues.

    We need a bigger forum especially when issues flow across LG boundaries and State members lack the will or the grasp of issues to respond.

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