Council Meeting 27 April

The newly elected Redland City Council has its first general meeting on Wednesday 27 April, starting at 9:30 am.

The meeting will be at Council’s chambers in Bloomfield Street in Cleveland.

Members of the public are able to observe proceedings from the public gallery except when matters are discussed in ‘closed session’.

Here is a link to the meeting agenda.

Matters up for discussion by the new Council include:

Extension to Weinam Creek Request for Proposal process (Item 16.2.1)

006 PDA Jeff Seeny Lang Walker and Karen Williams 18 Septrember 2014

Walker Corporation’s Lang Walker signing PDA agreements with the Queensland Government and Redland City Council on 18 September 2014

This item will be discussed in closed session.

Walker Corporation was selected as preferred developer for the Weinam Creek Priority Development Area (PDA) 19 months ago, on 18 September 2014.

At a Special Meeting on 17 December 2014 Council agreed to give Walker Corporation an extra 12 months to submit a proposal for the Weinam Creek PDA.

That period expired four months ago. To date the community has been given no information about what, if any, plans Walker Corporation may have for Weinam Creek.

Teak Lane Victoria Point (Item  14.1.1)

Residents near Teak Lane want to keep their open space

Residents near Teak Lane want to keep their open space

Cr Lance Hewlett has moved the following notice of motion:

That Council resolves that the Chief Executive Officer writes to the Minister, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, and advises that Council has changed its view regarding its earlier request to relinquish the trusteeship of the property described as 32a Teak Lane, Victoria Point; and requests that trusteeship be returned to Council to maintain it as public open space.

Council’s original decision made in 2014 was discussed by Redlands2030 in Teak Lane – is this green belt for sale?

MCU013558 – 4 Wardley Street Capalaba  (Item 11.3.3)

The report says that this application resulted from Council issuing a show cause notice after investigating the site and finding the proposed use was already occurring without lawful approval.

Councillors will be asked if they approve a development application to convert a Capalaba house into “rooming accommodation”. The officers report says that the existing dwelling will be converted internally to include 4 rooms (each with a lounge, ensuite,  mezzanine /bedroom and patio area) with a communal kitchen and dining area.

It’s proposed that any approval include the following condition:

Ensure the development accommodates no more than 5 persons residing in the Rooming Accommodation at any one time.

The report notes that the proposed use code ‘rooming accommodation’ is not provided for under the current planning scheme but would be allowed under the Draft City Plan. The report author’s exact words are:

Although the Draft City Plan 2015 has not yet been gazetted, it is worth considering in light of the current proposal. This is because Rooming Accommodation will be listed as a specific use in the next scheme.

The possibility that the Draft City Plan may be substantially revised by the new Council does not appear to have been considered.

Victoria Point Library Lease Review (Item 16.4.1)

This item will be discussed in closed session.


Redlands2030 – 26 April 2016


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2 thoughts on “Council Meeting 27 April

  1. 4 Wardley Street “Ensure the development accommodates no more than 5 persons residing in the Rooming Accommodation at any one time.” What a joke. So who is going to do that then? At what time of day will checks be made? This is nonsense. For three years we lived next door to a villa that was let to a young fellow and his girl friend. The other three bedrooms were sub let furnished to all and sundry and at any one time there were up to ten people in the villa, access to which was down a shared driveway. The visitors space was filled by a boat they were renovating and the double garage by his car and his girl friends. The others parked outside on the street. We always knew when it was inspection time by the number of beds and mattresses on the back of his ute. Water consumption was so high a new water metre was installed. But when asked the tenant said all the people there were his visitors! You can’t stop visitors apparently!!

  2. My wish is for the bad old days to be over. First we had the Seccombe Six regime for 4 years, in which Cr Karen Williams was member of team, past four years we have had the Williams Six regime keeping five councillors in the dark while making decisions with developers, along with supporters, behind closed doors that has caused much unhappiness in Redlands by, in cases, bad decisions, when all councillors who are paid to listen to, and look after, the needs of constituents in their respective divisions, have not been heard. With a new council, hopefully, every councillor will do his/her best in taking constituents concerns to council where issues are discussed and decisions made that will benefit each local community and Redland City as a whole. Developers in my view, have no place in decision making within local councils for obvious reasons. They suffer with tunnel vision, i.e. real estate development and, as my late husband used to say, we can all be bought. We, the people, are tired of poor, secretive local government practices and are desperate and hopeful, to seeing honesty and fair play for all parties within the Redlands community.

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