‘Missed’ dredging costs put Council into deficit

Extra dredging costs being discussed

Councillors discuss the need to fund dredging works ‘missed’ from the current year budget

Redland City Council “missed” two significant items of dredging expenditure from its 2016/17 budget according to Chief Executive Officer Bill Lyon.

Councillors approved extra expenditure of $920,600 for dredging the Raby Bay eastern channel at their meeting on 24 August. The work is regarded by Council as urgent, to allow continuous access to the bay for recreational boating.

In response to questioning from Cr Lance Hewlett, Mr Lyon said that the missed items would put the City’s budget into a slight operating deficit.

He noted that over time operational expenses moved around and this would be looked at during the mid year review.

When the 2016/17 Budget was adopted on 14 July 2016 it was promoted by the Mayor as predicting a “fourth successive operating surplus”.

An agreement between the Council and the State Government to fund dredging of the eastern channel was announced in November 2015.

Koala protection local laws

Koalas need protection from dog attacks

Koala Action Group says koalas need protection from dog attacks

Following a period of public consultation earlier this year, Councillors approved changes to Redland City’s local laws by designating five additional areas where owners of large blocks of land must secure their dogs at night.

The proposed measures provoked a wide ranging discussion with all councillors participating. The debate can be viewed on this video recording, commencing at 49:30 minutes.

The five areas were voted on separately, as shown below.

Division Councillor Parts of Thorneside St James’s Park Birkdale Parts of Thornlands Stradbroke townships Ferntree Park
1 Boglary Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Mitchell No No No Yes Yes
3 Golle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Hewlett Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Edwards No No No Yes Yes
6 Talty No No No Yes No
7 Elliott Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Huges Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Gleeson No No Yes Yes No
10 Bishop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mayor Williams No No No Yes Yes
Yes/No 6/5 6/5 7/4 11/0 9/2

More information about discussion on this item is available in a Bulletin report.

SEQ 2028 Olympics feasibility study

Redland City Council will be supporting further investigation into whether or not south east Queensland should bid for the 2028 Olympics.

The south east Queensland Council of Mayors recently published its Olympic bid  pre-feasibility study report.

The cost of staging the Olympics in south east Queensland will now be assessed through a Council of Mayors feasibility study which will take 18 months and cost up to $2.5 million.

Redlands’ participation was proposed in a mayoral minute and supported unanimously. Mayor Karen Williams said Redland City Council would use the potential Olympics bid as a catalyst for much-needed infrastructure in Redland City.

The cost of Redlands’ participation in the feasibility study was not disclosed. Council’s news release advised that:

Redland City Council will contribute on a pro-rata basis with the funds to be made available at the first budget review.

Brisbane City Council voted on party lines to contribute $870,000 towards the cost of the feasibility study but the Gold Coast City Council voted unanimously against contributing $300,000 towards the study.

Application to develop 8 units at 24 Alma Street, Thornside

Council approved development application MCU 013446 for 8 units at 24 Alma Street Thorneside.

This development application and community opposition to it were discussed by Redlands2030 in an earlier post:

Community opposes Alma Street development

The motion to approve the development application with conditions was carried by 7 votes to 4.

Crs Boglary, Mitchell, Edwards, Elliott, Talty, Gleeson and Williams voted FOR the

Crs Gollè, Hewlett, Hughes and Bishop voted AGAINST the motion.

Meeting details

More information about Council’s general meeting on 24 August is available from the following:


Redlands2030 – 29 August 2016

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One thought on “‘Missed’ dredging costs put Council into deficit

  1. How Cr Gleeson of Capalaba must hate koalas. Isn’t Ferntree Park the only one in Capalaba that was designated as a location where koalas are protected? Why would this so-called representative of the people of Capalaba, say NO to owners of large blocks securing their dogs at night knowing it’s the time when koalas are on the move?
    Cats too need to be restrained at night as a possum I was feeding was found dead this morning in neighbour’s yard. Seems to me local laws in Redlands are weak as they pertain to protection of wildlife. With human population growing, so is the pet dog and cat population. We need stronger local laws ASAP in my view.

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