Koalas and sharks discussed by Council

Koala resting in mature tree at Wellington Point

Koala resting in mature tree at Wellington Point

Koalas and sharks were on the menu for the Redland City Council when it met on Wednesday 17 September.

Councillors discussed the loss of 20 koala habitat trees in Ormiston as a result of a proposed 24 lot subdivision.

Sharks were mentioned as a possible reason why some people may not enjoy swimming from beaches along the Raby Bay foreshore.

Council to require offset for felled koala habitat trees

Councillor Wendy Boglary

Councillor Wendy Boglary

Council resolved to amend conditions for a proposed 24 lot subdivision at 223-231 Wellington Street Ormiston.

Councillor Wendy Boglary noted that the proposed development could not be refused by Council because it is consistent with the current planning scheme.

She successfully proposed a motion that Council amend the development conditions to require the developer to replace 20 koala habitat trees by planting three new trees for each mature tree felled.

Koala Action Group calls for City Plan 2015 to protect koalas

Koala Action Group President Debbie Pointing said that the removal of 20 mature trees would be a great loss for koalas in the area. She called for the new City Plan 2015 to include stronger protection for koalas and the trees they need to survive.

City Plan 2015  will be Redland City’s new planning scheme. A draft will soon be sent to the State Government for review before Council consults with the Redlands community.

If you believe that the Redlands koalas should be better protected under City Plan 2015 you can contact your local councillor and ask them to improve protection of koala habitat trees.

Shark netting enclosure at Raby Bay to be investigated

Councillor Ogilvie

Councillor Craig Ogilvie

Councillor Craig Ogilvie proposed a motion that Council investigate the installation of a shark net enclosure on the Raby Bay foreshore.

“Raby Bay Foreshore is a popular place for locals and tourists so it makes sense for Council to look at how we can make it as safe as possible for those who frequent the area,” he said.

Cr Ogilvie said the Council report would include financial implications so Council could then consider the possibility of including shark nets in future capital works program.

Raby Bay foreshore may get a shark netting enclosure

Raby Bay beach may get a shark netting enclosure

“At this stage all we are doing is having a look at the possibility of installing shark nets, nothing has been decided and we will see what the reports tell us before proceeding any further.”

Concerns were raised by some councillors about the potential cost to maintain an enclosure.

Mayor Williams suggested that the people who wanted a shark proof swimming enclosure should be directed to approach the State Government.

Swimming enclosure at Karragarra Island

Swimming enclosure at Karragarra Island

Other councillors noted that swimming enclosures already existed on some Southern Moreton Bay Islands and that provision of such facilities was generally considered to be a local government responsibility.

Finally, a majority of Councillors voted that the idea of a swimming enclosure at Raby Bay foreshore be investigated by Council.

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8 thoughts on “Koalas and sharks discussed by Council

  1. Here we have a Council descending into deeper and deeper financial woes, loss of confidence by the rate payers and small business and we are considering shark nets for Raby Bay?????

    I have lived, fished, swam and dived all over Moreton Bay and rest assured the sharks have no interest in the very shallow waters of the beaches off Raby Bay!!!

    This surely must be a publicity stunt?

  2. I cut my foot on coral whilst walking in the waters off Raby Bay. Can the Council please get rid of all the messy and dangerous coral out there? All of it. Even one small piece could cause untold damage to a child’s foot. I mean, what exactly is coral actually for? Just dredge it.
    And while that’s being done can the trees and mangroves along the foreshore be cut down too. Zeus only knows what things could happen to us that these could be complicit in.
    Don’t get me started on the mudflats. Dirty, smelly, unsightly and doing absolutely nothing and the completely moronic tides go and uncover them twice a day. Surely something can be done??
    I shall have to go and get myself a skinny, quarter strength, Fairtrade, chai latte at my friendly boutique cafe to calm my nerves.

  3. Karen is wrong on most things but I must agree that the need for a shark proof fence is pretty idiotic! Like firstly you have to identify a NEED for this expense and having fished in Moreton Bay for over FIFTY YEARS and lived in Raby Bay for TWENTY FIVE YEARS I have yet to hear of a shark attack off Raby Bay and the claim of there being “sharks in Raby Bay canals” has always been ridiculous. Any sightings of such are invariably due the occasional dolphin who wanders into some canals but a factual and documented sighting of a shark by credible person(s) has NEVER been received!

    This Council really does think money grows on trees but a shark proof fence off an extremely shallow beach where a shark has never ever been credibly seen is faintly ludicrous!

  4. Thanks Craig for addressing the need for a shark net on one of the Raby Bay beaches. These beaches are used for swimming and to prevent a shark attack has to be a priority.

    • Perhaps Craig could investigate the more realistic outcome of a pedestrian being killed along Passage St due to a lack of pavements along most of it’s length, increased volumes of speeding traffic, increased heavy construction traffic, poor lighting at night and a large increase in pedestrian traffic.
      A simple risk assessment will concur that shark nets are a folly.

      • Don’t forget Star of the Sea Primary School on Passage Street. Equation: school kids + no sealed footpaths + increasing traffic flow = forseeable disaster.

      • If you think a footpath is required along Passge Street wouldn’t it make more sense to appoach Craig insted of commenting here? He has Email.

  5. Good to see that despite Mayor Williams trying to pass responsibility about the shark proof swimming enclosure at Raby Bay on to the State Government enough Councillors thought that this idea should be investigated by the local Council.

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