Corporate Plan consultation on Council agenda

Update – 28 March 2015

RCC Corporate Plan summary 2015

Redland City Council commenced public consultation about its draft Corporate Plan on 27 March.

The four week consultation period closes on
Friday 24 April 2015

The Council has prepared a two page brochure style summary of the proposed Corporate Plan and the consultation Process. It is available here

The Council has also set up a consultation webpage which includes links to:

Submitting comments

The Council’s consultation webpage gives people a choice of submitting comments in two ways:

  • Using an on-line comment form
  • Completing a pdf document which can then be emailed, posted or hand delivered to the Council

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From the cover of the current Corporate Plan

From the cover of the current Corporate Plan

Consultation about a draft Corporate Plan is among items to be discussed at the next general meeting of Redland City Council on 25 March 2015.

Redland City Council is finalising a Corporate Plan for the next five financial years. Its purpose is to set priorities for Council activities which are then reflected in annual work plans and budgets.

Community engagement

Community engagement in preparing the Corporate Plan is a requirement of the Local Government Act. The Council has already undertaken some community engagement including a survey over the Christmas period and meetings with some community groups including a meeting facilitated by Redlands2030.

At its meeting on Wednesday 25 March, Council will be asked to approve a draft Corporate Plan for the purpose of community consultation. The report to Council states that “The process to date already exceeds the legislative requirements for the development of a corporate plan”. But councillors will be asked to approve a formal consultation from 27 March to 27 April 2015.

About the draft Plan

Like the current 2010-2015 Corporate Plan, the draft Corporate Plan is aligned with the  eight Vision Outcomes of the City’s long term Redlands 2030 Community Plan:

  • Healthy Natural Environment
  • Green Living
  • Embracing the Bay
  • Quandamooka Country
  • Wise Planning and Design
  • Supportive and Vibrant Economy
  • Strong and Connected Communities
  • Inclusive and Ethical Governance

For each of these Vision Outcomes, the draft new Corporate Plan has the following:

  • A re-statement of the Vision Outcome as set out in the Community Plan
  • List of outcome statements describing things to be achieved over the next five years
  • List of Council’s commitments to action
  • List of relevant Council documents (strategies, plans, etc)
  • List of key Council service areas
  • Additional information under a heading titled “Did you know?”

Some of the statements in the draft new Corporate Plan deserve close attention. It is not always clear what they mean or what Council activities they could justify (or avoid). For example, proposed outcomes by 2020 include:

  • Priority Development Areas support equitable outcomes for island residents, such as access to transport and facilities (Embracing the Bay, item 3.5)
  • Communities on the islands and foreshores enjoy equitable access to development opportunities and community services. (Embracing the Bay, item 3.2)
  • Council receives a return on the community’s investment in land to enhance economic and community outcomes. (Supportive and vibrant economy, item 6.4)
  • Growth and development in the city is sustainably managed through the adoption and implementation of the City Plan and Local Government Infrastructure Plan. (Wise planning and design, item 5.1)
  • Threatened species are maintained and protected, including the vulnerable koala species. (Healthy and natural environment, item 1.2)

Page 21 of the draft Corporate Plan contains an interesting statement under the “Did you know?” heading:

Future population growth will be primarily accommodated within the urban footprint identified in 2009-2031 South East Queensland Regional Plan. (emphasis added by Redlands2030)

Does this preclude major developments like the Shoreline proposal?

Evaluation of Council’s performance under the current Corporate Plan

Before making new plans it is good practice to evaluate how well the existing plan has worked. Plan, do and check!

The Council says in its 2013/14 Annual Report:

This annual report is the fourth to report against the Corporate Plan 2010-2015 (which reflects the Redlands 2030 Community Plan). (Page 4)

But the reporting in the Council’s Annual Report does not clearly explain Council’s performance against the strategies set out in the current 2010 – 2015 Corporate Plan.

There is a gap in Council’s reporting to the community. It should be fixed by Council preparing an evaluation report describing the extent to which the current Corporate Plan objectives have been achieved.


Redlands2030 –  23 March 2015

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5 thoughts on “Corporate Plan consultation on Council agenda

  1. I find it quite confusing, the corporate plan has to be approved as the budget is to be based around the Corpotate plan, I know the budget is started about September and bought down around June, so it seems the place is just assuming they are on the right path, strange way to run a Council.
    The consultation is being done right in the middle of school holidays when many people are away, people are expected to go online, what opportunity do whose who don’t own a computer have to “have a say”
    I am thinking that the Mayor and some Councillor don’t seem to be able to face the community in a public meeting or question time.
    I also noted that the Council is claiming in item 3,1.they protect the. Bay, so the Council approval of Toondah Harbour is in total conflict to that statement

  2. As the formal consultation period is the minimum allowed under State government legislation, 27/3/2015 to 27/4/2015, what report to council states” The process to date already exceeds the legislative requirements for the development of a corporate plan” When one considers the online survey was conducted over the December school holidays, denying access to those who are computer illiterate, those who do not have Internet access as well as those who may have been overseas on the annual leave. Looking at the age breakdown from the draft corporate plan, one may assume approx 25% of our community are over 70 and quite a few of this age group are not computer savvy enough to make their opinions count in an online survey. What other forms will this formal consultation take during this month other than submitting comments to council? Last corporate plan attracted 7000 comments which very few appeared to initiate much action. What guarantees exist that any comments of concern or objections will attract changes to the Corporate Plan? There was no public release of any of the online survey information – as it is our information, is there able to be public release of a summary of the community’s concerns with the corporate plan and the actions being taken to address the concerns.

  3. From reading through the agenda for this weeks council meeting and looking at the financial statement I was interested to see in the Constrained Cash Reserves section there are the amounts of $6,936,000 for Environment Charge Acquisition Reserve and an amount for $1,505,000 for Environment Charge Maintenance Reserve. Why are such huge amounts sitting in what appear to be investment accounts at a time when our koalas are desperate for territory? Looking further I could not find the entry that covered the developers’ discounts amounts. The only heading that looked like it could apply seemed to be Pensioners rebates! A couple of other points in the draft plan come under the heading of Healthy, Natural Environment – 1.2. Threatened species are maintained and protected and protected , including vulnerable koala species. (Really?) 1.4 Visitors experience our natural assets through high standard facilities, trails, interpretations and LOW IMPACT COMMERCIAL VENTURES!. In the Redlands 68% live in houses, 94% are employed, of the 35,470 employed in the Redlands 76.8% live locally. We are a community minded population who love our environment, 18% volunteer within the community and we do not want to see our environment, our flora or fauna destroyed. This new corporate plan has to protect our Redlands, our koalas, and our environment.

  4. Future population growth will be PRIMARILY accommodated within the urban footprint identified in 2009-2031 South East Queensland Regional Plan.

    Now this is a rubbery comment and misleading to say the least. Some would even say a LIE. I would put $100 on the table to bet that Shoreline, land around Woodlands, Taylor, Springacre Road, even blocks around Bunker Roads are getting the pink tick, all helps when some who are owners gave great donations to the Mayor and her sheep, I will even bet that land off Kingfisher Road get a tick. All this land is outside the urban Footprint. One or two blocks the community could overlook but 100’s of hectacres is shameful.
    I wouldnt put it past Cr Talty to push to have Council conservation land purchased with the environmental levy rezoned and flogged off also

  5. Regarding community consultation – One statement says “the report to council already exceeds the legislative framework requirements for the development of a corporate plan.” Which report? When you consider the community survey was held over Christmas holidays! No public information was given from the survey and very little freedom was contained within the survey to be able to put individual comment other than prepared statements by the survey authors. Biased! The time frame being considered for public consultation is the least time allowable under Qld state legislation – other councils have allowed longer for their ratepayers to consider their opinions.Primarily accommodating future growth in the urban footprint means Shoreline is redundant.(SE Qld Regional Plan).

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