Community opposition to Draft City Plan 2015

Redlands residents who stopped by the Redlands2030 stall at Cleveland Markets recently have been very clear in their opposition to the Draft City Plan.

Straw Polling

Community feedback on City Plan was vocal and colourful too

Community feedback on City Plan was vocal and colourful too

Redlands2030 polled response to various issues while talking to hundreds of people at the Cleveland Markets in recent weeks:

  • A 50,000 population increase was rejected. Well over 90% thought the Plan should cater for less than 25,000 more people.
  • People are  worried about 37,000 more cars on existing roads with no prospect of funding for upgrades
  • Park sales were resoundingly rejected. Many of the comments made by people on this issue were unprintable.
  • People are very concerned about our City’s koalas and the ongoing destruction of their habitat.
  • Small lot developments went over like a lead balloon – especially the SE Thornlands developments by Roycorp and Ausbuild which are clearly a public relations disaster for the Mayor.  The Roycorp development evokes comments that it looks like a prison, a detention centre or slum.

A baseball bat


Watch out for the baseball bat!

Many of the people visiting the Redlands2030 market stall thought it was a Council forum!  But there was a level of anger at what most understood to be the outcomes that will be delivered through the new City planning scheme.

One casual observer of the markets said he thought the community was waiting for the next election with a Paul Keating baseball bat!

There is still time to lodge a submission on City Plan 2015.  But hurry!

Here are some examples of what people have said in their City Plan submissions:

Need proper ratepayer consultation – EH, Thornlands

Please preserve the character of the Redlands as is – MR, Cleveland

I strongly object to Redlands Plans – BM, Coochiemudlo Is.

Very disappointed at loss of green areas – JM, Ormiston

Leave the parks alone – CP, Redlands

Save our Parks – Victoria Point

Enough! AD, Victoria Point

Parks are needed – JM, Victoria Point

Does the Mayor know where the brake is? AV Ormiston

Leave the parks alone – HH, Raby Bay

Strongly object to the removal of conservation areas and overpopulation – RM Cleveland

Not against development, but fear this will go too far – BJ Cleveland

How can a private person fully understand something written by the current council? DW, Wellington Point

We need to conserve land and not destroy wildlife habitat – RF Capalaba

No infrastructure to support and no proper consultation. – CH Thornlands

Traffic will be unbelievable – NT Thornlands

How will this impact on the overall look of our beautiful leafy Redlands? Badly! – KR Ormiston

Far too much development in the Redlands. We want to keep our green space – FD Victoria Point

Please don’t sell parks – AP, Victoria Pt.

Not another 37 000 cars, the roads cant cope TH Cleveland

Why do we need another 50 000 people, we enjoy the place as it is…don’t make it like Ipswich or Logan BD Cleveland

But that’s not all its plus Shoreline, plus Toondah Harbour plus Weinam Creek RD Redland Bay

CARP says last chance to have your say

048 CARP traffic warning 12 November 2015 comp

CARP says reject the Draft City Plan 2015

“The community consultation period for Council’s new Town Plan – Draft City Plan 2015 – closes this Friday 27 November at 4:30pm, so the last chance to have your say is now,” Lavinia Wood, spokesperson for the Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc said today.

“If massive overdevelopment is not the future you want for the Redlands, then take a moment to complete the Ready-Made Submission available online at or fill in the one that came attached to the ‘CARP Community Alert’ delivered to your letterbox by one of the hundreds of volunteers working across the Redlands over the past two weeks – and get it to Council before submissions close.”

“Whatever your lead concern – the sale of parks, bushland and open space for development; infill development; small lot housing developments; removal of habitat/ tree protection; designation of huge tracts of rural land for development; changes to the rural zone that permit extensive clearing; removal of conservation and environmental protection from important and sensitive environmental areas; inadequate heritage protection; inadequate infrastructure; traffic, etc etc – if left unchanged Council’s Draft City Plan will obliterate the leafy, semi-rural Redlands we know and love.”

“Please, make your feelings known. Complete and send a submission today.”

Submissions on the Draft City plan close this Friday

The City Plan will dictate how Redlands develops over the next 25 years!

The closing date is 4.30 this Friday 27 November.

Get active and get your submissions to Council NOW!

Alternatively try one (or all!) of the Redlands2030 online submissions options  on the Redlands2030 WEBSITE “HOT TOPIC” BUTTON “DRAFT CITY PLAN 2015 and follow the cues

Hundreds of people used the template submission prepared by Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc. as supplied through letter box drops, online or in the Redland City Bulletin.  Many completed their submissions at the Sunday markets but scores of people could not resist the temptation to add some additional comments, to personalise their submissions.


Redlands2030 – 25 November 2015


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3 thoughts on “Community opposition to Draft City Plan 2015

  1. And, don’t forget the impact on North Stradbroke Island. The information leaflet produced by Council was very low key which suggested a ‘no change’ scenario. However the devil is in the detail and luckily our sleuths have uncovered changes that will allow major development to happen at Point Lookout. Why can’t RCC realise that Point Lookout provides a point of difference to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and could be marketed accordingly? There are people who come from the Gold Coast to Straddie for their holidays for a more natural environment. If you value Straddie as it is, please write a submission requesting that a moratorium be placed on changes to current Point Lookout Zone codes and that RCC undertake extensive planning investigations and community consultations to ascertain if changes to the status quo are required or desired.

  2. Before the council puts this CITY plan in concrete the people need more time, Just like the Developers got, If the people got 2 years like the same as the developers I am sure that we could come up with a peoples plan for the city that would be a lot less destructive than the one we have now

  3. As the City Plan consultation winds up they dump Toondah on to us. I get the impression they don’t really want to listen so they must think why pretend. The grand Toondah PDA makes City Plan look like a support act. Wonder when Council saw the PDA plans and why they didn’t give the community a breather between the end of one and the start of the other. Consultation by exhaustion will always go the way of the council or the government.

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