Cleveland station approvals on Council agenda

Site of the proposed 124 apartments and small kiosk to be developed at the Cleveland station

Site of the proposed 124 apartments and small kiosk to be developed at the Cleveland station

Redland City councillors will discuss plans for development of 124 apartments in the Cleveland station car park at the Council’s first general meeting of the year on Wednesday 25 January.

The large gum tree would be felled to make way for a kiosk

The large gum tree will make way for a kiosk

This project was publicly unveiled by Redlands2030 in a story published 12 months ago which pointed out that the project was:

  • sub-optimal use of the site
  • did not provide enough parking for both apartment residents and their visitors
  • would require removal of a large gum tree to allow erection of a small kiosk

This project was initiated by the State Government when the LNP was in power and the Labor Party has allowed it to continue.

It has never been made clear to the community what financial benefits the public will gain for allowing a developer to use this publicly owned site for an apartment construction project.

The State Government’s lack of transparency suggests that the developer may be getting this site very cheaply.

Mark Robinson slams the lack of car parking

Cleveland MP Dr Mark Robinson

Cleveland MP Dr Mark Robinson says the Cleveland station redevelopment should have brought much extra commuter parking

Over the past 12 months the project has been criticised by many in the Cleveland community including state MP Mark Robinson (LNP) who spoke against the lack of car parking in Parliament on 18 August 2016. He said:

Frustrated commuters complain that there is never enough parking at Cleveland station.

At a time when governments are encouraging the use of public transport, it has to be questioned why appropriate facilities are not being made available.

The redevelopment of Cleveland station should have brought much extra commuter parking—that was the original plan—but the very low number has created angst amongst residents who live in the immediate vicinity and those who utilise the station for their daily commute.

My consultations with the community have revealed high levels of objection to this development among nearby residents.

Body corporates around the area are very unhappy and object to it in its current form, particularly around the parking.

Is it really a ‘mixed use’ development?

Proposed multi-storey residential accommodation at Cleveland station

The proposed station redevelopment is little more than a multi-storey apartment project

The officers report to Council describes the proposal as a “mixed use development that incorporates apartment buildings, tourist accommodation, shop and refreshment establishment integrated with existing rail transport infrastructure”.

But the project is in essence an apartment project with a small kiosk added.

Of the proposed 124 apartments, 118 are intended for residential accommodation and six are supposedly for tourist accommodation.

Clearly, this project will add to the number of people living in the Redlands without doing anything to create sustainable long term employment – except perhaps a couple of part time jobs making coffees in the kiosk.

Car parking at Cleveland station

Northern car park of the Cleveland station

Northern car park of Cleveland train station is usually full by early morning on week days

People who are currently unable to find car parking near the train station may be amused to know that planning officers consider this to be an “underutilised site”.

Provision of parking for rail commuters is apparently a matter which is wholly within the state government’s control.

At present the station has 235 parking bays: 146 in the northern car park and 89 in the southern car park. The officers report notes that the proposed development would deliver an additional 17 parking bays for commuters. The officers report doesn’t note that this is an increase of just 7.2% in commuter car parking at Cleveland station.

If normal requirements of the Redlands Planning Scheme were followed, the developer would be required to provide 162 car parks for the 124 apartments’ residents and vistors and the kiosk’s customers. But the developer is only proposing to provide 124 car parks which is a shortfall of 38.

So 17 additional commuter car parks plus a shortfall of 38 car parks for the proposed apartments and kiosks equals a net loss of 21 permanent car parks.

Temporary car parking during construction

Redland City Council recently sold part of the Wynyard Street car park to LJ Hooker

Redland City Council recently sold part of the Wynyard Street car park to LJ Hooker

While apartments and new undercover car parks are being constructed in the Cleveland station’s northern car park there will be a loss of 146 commuter car parks.

To mitigate the effects of this loss of commuter car parks, the developer has proposed to fund construction of “up to” 78 additional car parking spaces at Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC).

That is a temporary short full of at least 68 car parks for rail commuters.

The officers report says that once the extra “up to 78” RPAC car parks are no longer required for rail commuters, they will become available for use as permanent car parks.

This will presumably mitigate the future loss of other Council owned car parks in more convenient Cleveland CBD locations like Doig Street and Wynyard Street.

Further reading

The officers report on this proposed development, recommending its approval, is item 11.2.4 of the Council meeting agenda.

Members of the public can observe the meeting from the Public Gallery. The meeting, in the Council’s Bloomfield Street offices, commences at 9:30 am on Wednesday 25 January.

Redlands2030 story published 26 January 2016: Cleveland train station development plans

Redlands2030 story published 20 August 2016: Robinson slams lack of train station parking

Details in PD On-line for this development application MCU013612

Redlands2030 – 20 January 2017



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7 thoughts on “Cleveland station approvals on Council agenda

  1. Jennifer Burke is calling for a multi storey car park for commuters in Cleveland…well said as it would end constant talk about car parking issues. People of Redlands were surprised and incensed on learning about planning in the Toondah Harbour area by Walker Corp. when all that was wanted and called for was to fix the parking issue due to residents having a vehicle on the island and another on the mainland when the need is to build a multi-storey car park as step 1, then move on….remembering to include public consultation since governments all levels are keen to be seen as being accountable and transparent in their dealings with the community at large.

  2. You need to think about the commuters of the Redlands they need a multi storey carpark before a multi story apartment complex there is too many apartment constructions in the Cleveland area that are not been sold a carpark is the best option think of the residents of this shire first and not money from more ratepayers

  3. Tell them there dreaming,get real,who wants a monstrosity like that on our waterfront,take it some where else.

  4. What about the residents who live opposite and paid big money for their apartments with a view ! That is really awful thing to do to people, but hey, whats new with this council. And while I am thinking of it, what happened to the lovely flowers we used to have on that roundabout corner. Last time I was on holiday in the north of England, believe me there are some very battered looking towns in the north (I lived there) but everywhere was covered in flowers, hanging baskets new shrubs all over the place could make even the worst place look nice. Which will be handy when we are in that category in the Redlands… a few months no doubt

  5. I am interested to know where the extra 78 parks at RPAC are planned, are they going to replace the grassed area which gives the center some open space charater or just cover the area in tar. Another ugly entrance into Cleveland.
    Yep Robinson, will try to look like the hero but he was part of the deal back in the last Government. What a mess for Cleveland. What foolish Council planning staff we have, they havent done their homework AGAIN, and the site is a 3 minute walk from their office. Another deal the community has to put up with and this will set a precedent.

  6. State government land owned by Queensland rail.
    We need to be clear here, there is a state government election coming and both the ALP and LNP want to push Toondah and other projects like this development.
    Careful not to fall for the old its the Redland city councils fault on this one. Mark Robinson would say anything right now to get re elected, remember this is s state government program not council, call it how it is and start holding these good for nothing parasites in state and federal positions to account, its time for Independent change.

  7. Another product of the Mayors “open for Business” mantra….and her promise to increase yields for developers.
    The Railway station involves the State Government as well, it seems Mark Robinson has turned his back to it ….. conveniently now he is in opposition because it was first floated by the previous Government.

    Another case of public land and private gain?

    Oh but what about Cr Mitchell’s view that the parking needs for the Toondah development could be met by a shuttle bus from the station?

    Then there’s the sale of the carpark in Wynyard Street.

    OMG poor planning has flow on effects .

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