City Plan community consultation ?

Cr Paul Bishop

Cr Paul Bishop

The Redlands City Council web site has information on City Plan 2015 and how to get involved in the consultation in early 2015.

Also ask your Councillor for more information and ask why the broader community consultation on the background studies and community aspirations has not commenced.

Take a few minutes to view Cr Paul Bishop’s plea for community engagement.

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One thought on “City Plan community consultation ?

  1. Can the call made by Cr Bishop back in 2013 be re-posted? The one about community consultation for the new planning scheme? It’s pertinent for your coverage of what individual councillors said prior to the last election about extending the urban footprint.
    Cr Bishop tried for community consultation for the draft City Plan so it could reflect the values and views of the community. Sadly his call went unheeded and tomorrow the ink is dried on the plan. We the community have no idea what is going next door to us, down the road or up the road. Tomorrow the ink will be blotted and off to state government goes the future of the City, right up to 2041.
    State Government with Jeff Seeney as God the Planning Minister almost salivates on anything looking like jobs or development go ahead so it’s the end of the line for City Plan. Sadly the closing off of community voice seems to have trickled down to several councillors. But give our councilors their due though: they reminded us before the last election that they were there to listen to the community.
    When they vote tomorrow it is to be hoped they’re allowed a conscience vote. Every resident and creature in Redlands has their future at stake at the ratification meeting in council tomorrow.

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