Chicken poo plant extension on Council agenda

The site for the proposed chicken poo incinerator is close to Mt Cotton State School and the expanding residential areas.

The site for the proposed chicken poo incinerator is close to Mt Cotton State School and the expanding residential areas.

A decision whether or not to grant a third extension of time for the development of a chicken poo power station near Mt Cotton State School will be made by Redland City Council at its next general meeting on 14 December.

The developer is reported to have experienced a delay in obtaining funding for the project.

The original development application was lodged in 2004 and approved (on appeal) on 7 November 2007.

The officers report to Council recommends that a further extension be granted. Their report states that concurrence agencies ( usually government agencies) advise there are no objections to the extension.

Officers reported that they consider the application to be consistent with current laws and policies and deemed that no new issues are likely to be raised in submissions if the application were to be lodged anew.

But have the officers adequately considered the possibility of new issues being raised, by a community which has changed significantly over the past 12 years?

Let the community have a say

Redlands2030 has previously written articles on the chicken manure incinerator

Overall, we believe public interest needs to come to the fore in the deliberations of the Council.

Given the original application is now more than 12 years old it can be expected there have been significant changes in biomass technology, science, health and environment risk assessments, community expectations and assessments of performance from comparable projects.

Such information should be put before the community as part of a rigorous re-assessment of this project.

Many hundreds of people have moved into the area (on new lots and existing houses) who could now be impacted by the proposed incinerator.

In addition there are those people NOW using the already crowded roads to be impacted by cartage of poultry manure to the proposed plant and those families NOW with children at the Mt Cotton School who would not be aware of the proposal or the approval.

In this case it must be of concern that all the people who will (or might) be affected by the biomass plant be given an opportunity to make comment on something in “their backyard”.

The court made a decision in 2013, was held as relevant in 2015 and so two extensions have already been granted. But enough is enough.

The community now living in this area deserve to have their say on this controversial project.

Councillors should refuse the application for a third extension of this development application.


Redlands2030 – 11 December 2016

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3 thoughts on “Chicken poo plant extension on Council agenda

  1. The smell of chicken s*** when it gets into the nostrils is just awful. People become very sensitive to the smell and many can’t live in the vicinity.

    Many of the new residents in and around Mt Cotton are in for a surprise … it can be hoped Councillors think of these ratepayers BEFORE extending the already over extended application.

    Council should do the right thing and put the approval to sleep.

  2. 12 years since original application lodged with Redlands Council, already two extensions, and with new families having moved into the adjacent area since then, any new application has to be carefully assessed before any further approval given to proceed with such an environmentally unfriendly kind of project..i.e. a chicken manure power station.
    As member of Birkdale Progress Association, we lodged an objection at the time in support of local families in the area, but were punished for our involvement being fined $2000 so being a small group, to raise funds, held a garage sale, that proved successful. In event moneys could not be raised to cover the fine, I contributed $100 to the Association. With money returned, used it to purchase a lily pily tree planted outside 43 Finucane Rd Capalaba for resident complaining about lack of street trees to combat air pollution. This tree has doubled in size since planting so it’s long past time on reconsidering the go ahead of this chicken poo highly polluting project the community do not want. The ball is in the Council’s court.

  3. Its time for the Biomass idea to die, after getting fined $220,000 for poisoning Native Dog Creek and killing fish, the whole comunittee against the idea council should say enough is enough. 12 years and not a sod turned over, the Mt Cotton residents will not allow you to damage our children’s lungs. Do the right thing and go Solar

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