New planning laws threaten community rights

If a project developer wanted to build something next to your house that might block your views, increase noise levels and disturb native wildlife would you be happy? New building projects of all sizes often cause conflict between developers and the existing community about issues such as quality of life and environmental impacts. For many […]

Council backflips on Villa World discount deal

Koala rights protesters out the front and a packed public gallery added some excitement to Wednesday’s meeting of the Redland City Council. Did the community attention influence Council into voting against a significant cut in infrastructure charges for property developer Villa World? This recommended discount deal was discussed before the meeting in a report by […]

Moreton Bay Combined Islands Association (MBCIA) Meeting this Saturday 06-12-2014 at 10.00 AM at the Redland Bay Community Hall , Weinam Street. Next to the Redland Bay Police Station.

Event: MBCIA Meeting
Venue: Redland Bay Community Hall
Location: , Weinam Street

Are Seeney’s sods turning?

The reality of “bloody and mindless” development at all costs is clear to the neighbours and users of the GJ Walter Park.  Surveyors and more recently drilling rigs have intruded upon the usually placid foreshores near the Grandview hotel. Is this the first of the sods to be turned… in the delivery of Minister Seeney’s […]

Senate inquiry into Queensland Government

The Australian Senate is inquiring into Certain Aspects of Queensland Government Administration related to Commonwealth Government Affairs. This Senate inquiry is being done by a Select Committee which has to complete its work and submit a report by 27 March 2015. Terms of Reference The inquiry will examine a wide range of issues including: the […]

Troy Robbins films the Redlands

Passion and cinema often go together but there are different kinds of passion. Troy Robbins is passionate about the coastal areas of Redland City which are threatened by poorly planned development. He has produced a number of short videos about this area which can be viewed on Vimeo and the Redlands2030 YouTube Channel. These films […]

Council consultation must improve for City Plan

In the past year Redland City Council has shown that it needs to make significant improvements to the way it does public consultation. In particular, there have been major problems with consultation processes for the following: Draft development schemes for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek priority development areas (PDAs) The process for City Plan […]

Redland City Council’s role as park trustee

One of Redland City Council’s jobs is to manage public parkland, not as a land owner but as a trustee for the community. But can we trust the Trustee to act in the public interest? The Land Act 1994 deals with the issue of “unallocated” land in Queensland and a trustee’s administration of parks and […]

Redlands2030 submission on planning bills

Open letter to the Queensland Government The Queensland Government is continuing to legislate changes to the State’s planning and development system. It has just concluded a consultation process for a draft Planning and Development Bill and a draft Planning and Environment Court Bill. Further information about the Government’s plans to change legislation for planning and […]

Walker Corporation selected for Toondah and Weinam PDAs

Privately owned property developer Walker Corporation was today announced as the preferred development partner for the  Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas. They were selected following an expression of interest process. No information has been made publicly available about the other five firms who submitted expressions of interest. Agreement signed Deputy Premier Jeff […]

Chosen few threaten Redlands environment

I will highlight the looming ecological atrocities which may be sanctioned and perpetrated by the Local and State Governments in the Redlands enviroment over the next few months. The 200th anniversary of the passing of the great mariner Matthew Flinders was recently marked by the unveiling of a statue in England to commemorate the occasion. […]

Reflections on the Mangroves of Toondah (2)

Following the heartfelt post by Jackie Cooper on the importance of mangroves and her personal story about the origins of Raby Bay, this second instalment describes the value of mangroves to people. Much of Toondah Harbour lies in a tidal flood zone, making this location most unsuitable for high-density development. A proposed 400-berth marina and 500 […]

Tony Fitzgerald “critiques” Premier Newman, his Government and Ministers

  Former Queensland “corruption fighter” Tony Fitzgerald has launched an amazing assault on the Premier of Queeensland, his Government and many of his Ministers.   This is the same person who was tasked with exposing the failures of a previous Queensland Government. Some people do look with nostalgia at the Joh times, but Tony Fitzgerald […]

Dear Premier, please listen to the Redlands

Open Letter from Redlands2030 to the Hon. Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland Dear Premier Please listen to the Redlands and halt your Government’s plans for coastal real estate development at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek. The only responsible way forward is to withdraw these Priority Development Area (PDA) schemes. Your Government should then develop new […]

Selective hearing or genuine consultation at Redland City?

At the Redland City Council  meeting on 16 July it was encouraging to hear a number of Councillors mention the need for community consultation on a range of issues. Indeed, one Councillor went as far as acknowledging that better outcomes were achieved through harnessing the talent in the community. It is hoped that these collective […]