Say no to destructive dredging at Toondah

Minor tinkering to the Toondah Harbour plan recently announced by the Walker Corporation will still have over 10,000 people in 10 storey buildings that will almost double Cleveland’s population. And, at 100 metres, it will still be too close to bird habitat. The latest referral advice (from Walkers) confirms (the development) “will have significant impact on […]

Redlands, have your say about the regional plan

The State Government’s draft new regional plan Shaping SEQ is a blueprint for ongoing population growth with little thought given to quality of life, adequacy of infrastructure and environmental impacts. READ, PRINT, change if needed, SIGN and SEND the Ready-Made Submission before midnight on Friday 3 March 2017. Redlands should expect its population to increase by 25% from […]

Local government electoral laws – submission

Improving trust and transparency in local government was the subject of a recent post by Redlands2030. Following a report by the Crime and Corruption Commission, the Government proposes to amend laws about the disclosure and reporting of donations. The Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee of State Parliament is conducting an inquiry into the draft […]

Fernbourne Road development application

The leafy streets and relaxed lifestyle of Wellington Point is under threat, according to a growing number of angry and concerned locals.  They are concerned about an application to build a 5 storey complex of 41 apartments at 7-11 Fernbourne Road in Wellington Point. Using the magic of Queensland’s performance based planning system and the […]

Toondah Project a dangerous precedent

Urban development in a Ramsar site would set a dangerous precedent said the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Bayside Branch in its submission about Walker Corporation’s Toondah project. The Redlands based conservation group said the Federal Government should reject the proposal because: There are a wide and diverse range of State and National Matters of […]

Councillor complaints under State spotlight

The councillor complaints process is being reviewed by the Queensland Government and you have until 23 September to make comments and suggestions for improvement. Queensland has a well established process for people to make complaints (allegations) of corrupt conduct, misconduct or inappropriate conduct against local councillors. Complaints can be assessed and determined by a Council, […]

Koala protection laws on Council’s agenda

Local laws for koala protection will be discussed by Redland City Council on Wednesday. Changes to local laws to improve protection of koalas were instigated in April 2015, 16 months ago. During a series of non-public workshops and general meetings councillors decided to expand identified koala area mapping to include five additional areas where dog […]

Shorebirds at risk from Toondah project

Critically endangered shorebirds are at risk from Walker Corporation’s proposed development at Toondah Harbour according to a specialist study group. In their submission to the Federal Government, the Queensland Wader Study Group says it is: …extremely concerned about the potential impact of the proposed Toondah Harbour development on the ecological character of the Moreton Bay […]

Submissions about Toondah Harbour plans

The environmental assessment process for the Toondah Harbour dredging and construction project is expected to be decided by the Federal Government no later than 2 September. This follows Walker Corporation’s referral of the project to the Government in November 2015 for consideration under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. The Government normally makes […]

Support an end to sand mining in 2019

A 2019 end to sand mining is supported by many residents of North Stradbroke Island. These residents argue that a 2019 end to sand mining, as provided for in a bill drafted by the Queensland Government, will: Restore justice to the traditional owners of North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), the Quandamooka People Reduce the damage to […]

Redlands2030 submission to Draft City Plan

The Draft Redland City Plan 2015 has been a “hot topic” across the city since it was released for community comment and feedback. Our initial assessment said City Plan 2015 points to an unpleasant future. Further review confirms that the proposed planning scheme will reduce quality of life in an increasingly congested city. The Council […]

Community opposition to Draft City Plan 2015

Redlands residents who stopped by the Redlands2030 stall at Cleveland Markets recently have been very clear in their opposition to the Draft City Plan. Straw Polling Redlands2030 polled response to various issues while talking to hundreds of people at the Cleveland Markets in recent weeks: A 50,000 population increase was rejected. Well over 90% thought […]

Eprapah Creek estuary rezoning for marine industry in Draft City Plan

It is disturbing to see the massive changes made to the marine precinct in Beveridge Road in the Draft Redlands City Plan 2015. The Eprapah Creek estuary has always been recognised for its ecological significance in present and past Redland planning schemes. There are good reasons for the protection granted to this area: its proximity […]

Valuing darkness – on North Stradbroke Island

Darkness at night is a fundamental generator of natural awe and wonder. For a moment of night we have a glimpse of ourselves and of our world islanded in its stream of stars — pilgrims of mortality, voyaging between horizons across eternal seas of space and time. Henry Beston, The Outermost House: A Year of […]

Better heritage protection is required in the Redland City Plan

Redlands rich cultural heritage is being lost due to inaction by the Redland City Council. At best the Council has been negligent over many years. More likely, the Council has willfully disregarded its heritage protection obligations. Three studies (in 1995, 2002 and 2012) have identified many places of heritage significance in the City including a […]