Redland City Council news – 5 September 2015

Draft City Plan 2015 consultation Consultation about the draft City Plan 2015 will be from 14 September to 27 November. The consultation period of 54 business days, almost twice the minimum period required by law, was supported by all councillors at a Special Meeting on Thursday. The report to councillors included a letter from Deputy […]

Will mosquitoes be a risk to people at Shoreline?

Mosquitoes have long been known to infest the coastal area of southern Redlands. At present this area is not heavily populated so the risk of people contracting mosquito borne diseases is relatively low. This could change if plans for a major residential development are approved. Public health implications of locating people close to mosquito breeding […]

Election commitments – there for the keeping?

Constraints on how politicians exercise their votes when making decisions include their responsibilities to champion public interest, statutory requirements and possible conflicts of interest. Election commitments aren’t legally binding. However, politicians have to wear voter backlash if they break promises.  That’s why  politicians often try to leave some “wriggle room” in their election commitments. The […]

KAG unconvinced by Shoreline’s koala claims

The Koala Action Group (KAG) is unconvinced by Shoreline’s recent assertions about its impact on koalas. KAG says: The proposed ‘Shoreline’ development contradicts State and community planning intents and will be catastrophic for Redlands’ koala population. In a petition and an open letter KAG is asking the Government to call in and refuse the Shoreline […]

Open letter to the Premier of Queensland

Open letter to the Premier of Queensland to save koalas Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Premier Queensland Government   Dear Premier PROPOSED ‘SHORELINE’ DEVELOPMENT CATASTROPHIC FOR REDLANDS’ VULNERABLE KOALAS Please – Save our koalas from extinction. Please – Call in and refuse the ‘Shoreline’ Development Application to Redland City Council – Redland Bay MCU013287. Please – […]

How best to invest in infrastructure!

The community spends an awful lot of money on infrastructure. But does it get spent wisely? And what could we do to ensure that we get better value for taxpayers and ratepayers. Infrastructure is normally defined as facilities, shared by a community, that are necessary preconditions for economic activity. Commonly there are three forms of […]

Opinion: Stop Shoreline NOT farming!

The proposed Shoreline development would extinguish a vital tract of prime farming land in Redland Bay. Productive farms along Serpentine Creek Road and Scenic Road will be lost to future generations and as will their right to farm. This would be a sad legacy of the current Redland City Council and State Government. Don’t rush […]

Redlands rural future in the balance

Former Mayor Eddie Santaguliana  said that development in the Redlands should be evenly balanced: half town, half bush. He envisaged urban development concentrated around Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point, with the southern half of the Redlands remaining a largely rural area. Eddie’s common sense planning concept is still with us. A little over 50% of […]

Last chance for Redland City’s koalas

Koalas and anyone who cares for them could not take any comfort from vague and meaningless statements made by Redlands Mayor Karen Williams on national TV last week. In an interview aired on the  7:30 Report she said “I certainly believe people in Redlands understand the value of the koala” but “there is no doubt […]

Does Redland City need Shoreline?

Should the Redland City Council approve the proposal by two major land developers to develop 4,000 homes south of Redland Bay? The Shoreline development application was submitted to Council in mid 2014. The public had an opportunity to make comments from  20 October to 26 November 2014. The State Government has reviewed aspects of the proposal […]

Industry Reference Group kept secret

RCC IRGbrochure

Does the Redland City Council have an Industry Reference Group? In May 2013, Council promoted its “Redlands – Open for Business and investment” campaign with a colour brochure. It includes the following words: “An Industry Reference Group (IRG) that meets monthly to ensure Council and industry stakeholders are working in partnership to deliver benefits to Redland […]

Council gives Shoreline $4.4 million discount

Shoreline developer gets $4.4M discount from Council

Many ratepayers wonder why they pay so much to the Redland City Council. Average residential rates in the Redlands are the highest in south east Queensland, according to a report in the Sunday Mail earlier this year. But developers seem to do quite well in negotiations with the Redland City Council. Shoreline was able to […]

Shoreline: Community submissions on MCU013287

In response to the call for public submissions about Shoreline’s proposed development, Redlands2030 has been asked by many people to provide some assistance with making a submission and what might be considered the key issues. If a large number of people make submissions it helps the Council to understand what the community is concerned about. […]

Shoreline’s attitude problem

Some Redland City Councillors, including the Mayor, said before the last election that they would act in accordance with  “community views” on the issue of urban footprint extension. Most other councillors said up front that they opposed any extension to the urban footprint. For details of who said what refer to the recent post: Election […]

Election promises about urban footprint

Should Redland City’s urban footprint be expanded with new developments in southern Redlands? Like the proposed Shoreline project which could add 4,000 dwellings and 10,000 people. In a recent post (Shoreline ducks urban footprint question) we examined the status of the Shoreline proposal and found that it is rural land outside the current urban footprint. […]