Foreign investors, parking and social infrastructure in Letters to the Editor

Parking is a concern at the construction site for an aged care facility in Smith Street Cleveland

Parking, infrastructure and the activities of local real estate agents promoting Cleveland and the Toondah Harbour project to Chinese investors prompted some letters to Redlands2030 this week. Parking problems at Smith Street, Cleveland Seems that when a building is in the construction phase all local laws are ignored. The new nursing home being built near […]

Dogs and wildlife in Letters to the Editor

Letters this week are about wildlife and dogs – discussing the regulation of dogs in koala habitat areas, the things that dogs do and people don’t pick up and caring for orphaned wildlife. Dogs and koalas I read with interest that Council has now highlighted certain areas in Redlands as koala habitat and included conditions […]

Residents write about Toondah and Cleveland

Toondah Harbour’s proposed redevelopment provokes letters to Redlands2030 with one person saying it’s deeply disappointing and another issuing an apology of sorts to Walker Corporation. Brian Whitelaw’s article, Cleveland – it’s now Builders Paradise, also prompts a letter. Cleveland the “Builder’s Paradise” I was interested and enjoyed your article re Cleveland being a “Builder’s Paradise”. […]

Letters to the editor 20 July

A koala sanctuary! I recently met with the Labor member of Capalaba to discuss the present scenario where without action the Redlands will lose all of our Koalas within a very short period of time. I brought to his attention the program now underway by Bob Irwin where he has fenced off a large area, […]

Crystal balls and tree clearing in Redlands

Letters to Redlands2030 this week are about coastal development, tree clearing and speculative ‘crystal ball gazing’ arguments being used to gain Council approvals for proposed developments. Ormiston tree clearing I received an urgent call Tuesday morning that large gum trees on two large blocks were being cleared.  I drove to Sturgeon Street Ormiston and witnessed […]

Toondah Harbour and Straddie’s economic transition in Letters to the Editor 27 April 2016

The current State Government’s approach to Toondah Harbour needs to be revisited from all aspects and not rushed through says a young writer with aboriginal links to Straddie. There has been considerable, long standing opposition in the Redlands to developments impacting Moreton Bay with many petitions raised over the years. The proposed sailing school at […]

Letters to the Editor 17 March 2016

This week a SMBI writer says “Do we follow the illusions of the big juicy Williams’ carrots like donkeys”, a Straddie local questions a proposal to establish a sailing school on Sibelco land at Deanabilla Bay, and a Redland Bay resident questions how a small lot development that contravenes the City’s road design scheme could be […]

Traffic congestion and other election issues in letters to Redlands2030

Readers have a lot to say on election eve about developer concessions, population growth and traffic congestion. Election matters are also discussed including the Craig Ogilvie ‘beatup’ and the difference between team and independent candidates. Connecting the dots – development and traffic Mayor Williams’ new election slogan is apparently that she’ll fix the congestion on […]

Election signs and Des Houghton’s credibility in Letters to Redlands2030

Letters to Redlands2030 this week are about election sign vandalism and an opinion about a recent opinion piece by newspaper columnist Des Houghton. Election signs Having lived in Capalaba for the past 30 years, I have become aware lately while driving around in the local area this past week, of seeing numerous signs of our […]

Letters to the Editor 14 February 2016

Letters to Redlands2030 this week deal with a wide range of topics: Council’s poor environmental performance Cleveland cemetery’s lack of toilet facilities What makes a good politician Deputy Mayor Alan Beard’s confused position on overdevelopment at Toondah Harbour   Mayor fails to protect the environment There must be an election coming! The Mayor, Karen Williams, […]

Toondah Harbour plans questioned

Plans for a Toondah Harbour mega development provoke letters to Redlands2030. Why exactly did Council and the State Government ignore the professional advice of 24 experts and community members who created different vision options for the upgraded transport terminal? An eminent architect says this mega project makes Queensland and Australia an international laughing stock, is […]

Toondah PDA, employment generation and a Redlands song in letters to Redlands2030

A couple of letters about recently unveiled plans for development at Toondah Harbour. One says it doesn’t make sense and another asks if it’s ambitious enough. Also, Greg Underwood, Mayoral Candidate, talks about his plan for local jobs and there’s a song about Redland City issues. Toondah proposals don’t make sense The Toondah Harbour proposals recently […]

Toondah Harbour biodiversity and more housing development in Victoria Point

This week’s letters keep the spotlight on planned development in the Redlands. Doug Jones writes about Toondah Harbour’s biodiversity and the Clay Gully residential development in Victoria Point is discussed by Joy and Mike Rowe. Do you have a comment to make? You can share your views by sending an email to   More […]

Council decisions on development questioned in Letters to the Editor

More letters this week about Council’s eye-watering development decisions and who’s really to blame. And are Redlands’ ratepayers getting value for money? If you have something to say, just send an email to: Disgust at development decisions I wrote to Mark Edwards, my councillor for Division 5, registering my disgust at his approval of […]

Is development destroying the Redlands?

Community consultation for the Draft City Plan comes to a close at 4.30 pm Friday November 27. Be sure to get your comments in and tell Council what you think. Every submission counts. You can find more information on making submissions here. Letters this week question where the benefits are from this 25-year plan for […]