Redlands residents’ letters to the editor

Letters to Redlands2030 include the need for an after hours vet in the Redlands, comment on the recent state election and a response to comments made by Cr Paul Gleeson. If you have something to say, email RESPONSE TO COUNCILLOR GLEESON I write in response to the article describing Councillor Paul Gleeson’s recent efforts […]

Redlands residents raise election questions

A state election in less than a week and Redlands residents continue to raise matters that the political parties seem to NOT want to hear or are unwilling to address. Letters this week raise the impact of parking at building sites on koalas, poor roads, community litigation and the need for a Queensland ICAC. If […]

Stop the “horrendous Toondah proposal”

Environmental harm of the Toondah proposal,  advice for the mayor on conflicts of interest and clarification about activity charges at  the Donald Simpson Centre are discussed in letters to the Editor. If you have something to say to our readers, email: Stop the “horrendous Toondah proposal” As a kid I grew up visiting Straddie. […]

Mayor accuses Government of “pork barrelling”

Redlands residents comment about the Mayor’s Donald Simpson Centre funding claims, the Operation Belcarra report on local government corruption risk and disillusionment with political parties. If you have something to say to the Redlands community, send an email to: Mayor on Donald Simpson Centre funding On 6th October 2017, Karen Williams posted on the […]

Straddie tourism workers need accommodation

Residents this week raise questions about affordable accommodation for Straddie’s casual workers and the impacts of trucking fill and spoil between Toondah Harbour and a major quarry/disposal site. If you have something to say to people in the Redlands email: theeditor@redlands2030 So everyone loves coming to Straddie The excitement of getting onto the barge and […]

Community support for Toondah Rally

Residents write about the Toondah Rally and formation of the Toondah Action Group to protest against the proposed $1.4 billion mega residential development at Toondah Harbour . Another local asks why fauna spotters are not being used when important trees and vegetation are being removed for development in the Redlands. If you have something to […]

Redlands residents question population growth

Concerned residents write about banning political donations by developers, traffic congestion and the proposed Toondah project and the need for Australia’s politicians to question our immigration policies. If you have something to say send an email to Australia’s population to reach 100 million people Gerry Harvey (of Harvey Norman) has made news predicting Australia […]

Donald Simpson Centre funding withdrawal

This week’s mailbag zeros in on the need to reinstate funding for Donald Simpson Centre; corruption watchdogs and a better community model for dealing with corruption and property development. Donald Simpson Centre I am writing to express my concern about the withdrawal of funding by the Council to the Donald Simpson Centre. If funding is […]

Redlands residents question Council decisions

Concerns raised by residents this week include misuse of poisons, immigration driven population growth, the Toondah Harbour project and Redland City Council failing to protect our environment. If you have something to say send an email to theeditor@redlands2030 Council stewardship is lacking in Redland City This week in a scene reminiscent of the nefarious days […]

Branding and planning questioned by residents

Council’s efforts in branding the Redlands attract comment from residents. Others write about subdivision design and commercial development which will impact on people and their lifestyle. If you have something to say, send an email to: “A Tale of Two Cities” Contrary to the belief of some, Logan City is forging a brand quite […]

Democracy and the Redland City Council


This week we publish readers’ letters about Redland City Council’s cuts to funding for the Donald Simpson Community Centre, some questions about democracy for the new CEO and caring for our coastal areas. But first, we publish the original version of our own letter to the Bulletin, about Toondah Harbour. Toondah problems Minister Frydenberg’s decision […]

Toondah Harbour assessment decision queried

Letters to the editor this week slam the Federal Environment Minister’s decision to let Walker Group go ahead with environmental assessment of its proposed Toondah Harbour mega-development. Community unhappy about Toondah plans To me, it is scary to realise that just last month, Peter Saba, the general manager for the proposed Toondah Harbour development, seemed […]

Letters to Editor: more on Toondah and development impacts

This weeks Letters to the Redlands2030 Editor cover concerns over development in Redland Bay, environmental impacts of the Toondah residential development plans and the Mayor’s election promises. More congestion coming soon The State Labor Government have let us down badly with respect to sustainable development in the Redlands. I feel sorry for residents of Redland […]

Letters about Toondah Harbour PDA plans

Toondah PDA dominates letters this week.  The new referral proposal seems to have little logic other than to negate the previous submissions and force all submitters to go through the hoops again.  It has exposed that neither Redland City Council nor the State Government have officially seen or considered the new proposal.  This despite efforts […]

Toondah Harbour – community reaction

Toondah Harbour is the subject of letters to Redlands2030 this week, following Walker Group’s decision to submit a new proposal for environmental assessment. The previous project referral was submitted 17 months ago and it seems that the Federal Government didn’t like it. The revised plan doesn’t seem to have changed much. It seems that a […]