Koala strategy and more Ausbuild development

In the last general meeting of 2016 Redland City Council will consider a number of development applications by Ausbuild and other contentious issues including a koala strategy and possible third extension of time for the Mt Cotton chicken poo plant. Items on the agenda include applications by Ausbuild for development of residential dwellings at 399-413 […]

Thumbs down for Council’s park sell off plans

Writers give a big ‘thumbs down’ to Council’s proposed rezoning and sell-off of 16 parks for development in the draft City Plan. Some parks were bought with environmental levy funds because of their important conservation status – and residents wonder what’s changed. And in a interesting Tale of Two Cities, Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk […]

Redland City Council news – 27 June 2015

Redlands2030 brings you a weekly summary of Redland City Council news, and other information. Federal land at Birkdale Decisions about the future use of land at Birkdale could be made in the next few months according to Councillor Paul Bishop. The Council  is negotiating with the federal government to buy two parcels of bushland south […]

Council backflips on Villa World discount deal

Koala rights protesters out the front and a packed public gallery added some excitement to Wednesday’s meeting of the Redland City Council. Did the community attention influence Council into voting against a significant cut in infrastructure charges for property developer Villa World? This recommended discount deal was discussed before the meeting in a report by […]

Developer seeks 44% reduction in infrastructure charges

At its General Meeting on 10 December the Redland City Council will be considering a request by property developer Villa World Developments Pty Ltd to approve a 44% reduction in infrastructure charges. Villa World Pty Ltd is considering a 134 lot subdivision on land at 401-451 Redland Bay road, Capalaba. The reductions sought by Villa […]

Community says “No” to Events Officer

Mayor Williams is completely at odds with the Redlands community about spending priorities. This is the key finding of a recent poll by Redlands2030 on how a “spare” $100,000 in the budget should be used. The Mayor and her supporters in Council recently voted to spend $100,000 per year on employment of a new position […]

Grants reduced to fund Community Events Officer

What will Redland City’s new Community Events Officer really do? Help the community or arrange lots of photo opportunities for a publicity hungry Mayor. At the Redland City Council meeting on Wednesday it was decided to recruit a Community Events Officer at an estimated cost of $100,000 per year. The new position will be funded […]

Some councillors are more equal than others

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Some Redland City Councillors recently voted to restructure portfolio responsibilities. Instead of each councillor being involved in some aspect of the Council’s administration, we now have a system where only a few have portfolios. The public interest This is a significant and fundamental change to the governance of our Council. There was no public input, […]

Toondah and budget updates on Council agenda

A confidential report on bids for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek PDAs is on the Redland City Council’s agenda for its next general meeting on 3 September. This information will be discussed during a closed session of the meeting which means that the public and media will not be able to find out what […]

What is “en bloc” voting?

Redland City Council appears to be acting against the interests of the City’s ratepayers by using “en bloc” voting to minimise debate about important matters like the Budget. En bloc voting is, by definition, putting a group of motions together and taking a single vote to pass the group of motions. Is it legitimate for […]

Kennels upgrade approved by Council

Spending $550,000 on a kennels upgrade and related facilities was approved by Redland City Council on 20 August. This work is required in part because the RSPCA’s Wacol shelter will no longer take unwanted animals from the Redlands. Kennels upgrade details Council plans to expand and improve  its kennels and display facilities at South Street […]

Improved performance wanted from Council

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Common Ground The Raby Bay Ratepayers’ Association and Redlands2030 will work together in seeking improved performance from the Redland City Council. This agreement followed a presentation by Redlands2030 to a recent meeting of the Raby Bay Ratepayers’ Association. It was clear that the two groups have many issues in common including: Slow, untimely (or never) […]

Will baby boomers help the Redlands Economy?

The draft Redlands Economic Development Strategy puts great faith in a “growth scenario”. It makes a case for population growth to sustain sectors of the economy like retail and construction. But maybe there is an “old” solution  to improving our City’s economy – the ageing population of baby boomers. These are people with lifestyle aspirations […]

Redland ratepayers fed up with Council charges

The high cost of local Council rates and other charges is concerning many in Redland City but one group is getting very frustrated. Home owners at Raby Bay in Cleveland are fed up with above average rate rises and huge levies for canal repairs. The Raby Bay Ratepayers’ Association  is saying that their members just […]