Federal budget ignores young people

Is this the future for many yYoung people?

The Turnbull Government’s latest budget seems reasonable for many Australians, but one group that seems to have been forgotten is our youth. Young people are increasingly being squeezed out of Australian society due to increasing education and housing costs and diminishing employment opportunities. Housing prices No fundamental reform on negative gearing sets the housing prospects […]

Game of Mates: How favours bleed the nation

Making money by getting favourable land re-zoning decisions is just one example of the Game of Mates, a story about the massive concentration of wealth in Australia in recent decades and ways to control it. Redlands BOOK LAUNCH – 6pm Thurs 22 June 2017 Watch the video of the event with author Cameron Murray on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/222920696. […]

Koala strategy and more Ausbuild development

In the last general meeting of 2016 Redland City Council will consider a number of development applications by Ausbuild and other contentious issues including a koala strategy and possible third extension of time for the Mt Cotton chicken poo plant. Items on the agenda include applications by Ausbuild for development of residential dwellings at 399-413 […]

Top 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses

How can we improve our local community’s economic resilience? A sustainable local economy means having lots of eggs in lots of baskets. One approach, put forward by the USA’s Institute for Local Self-Reliance, is to champion locally owned businesses. They’ve prepared a list of 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses which we reprint below. […]

Thumbs down for Council’s park sell off plans

Writers give a big ‘thumbs down’ to Council’s proposed rezoning and sell-off of 16 parks for development in the draft City Plan. Some parks were bought with environmental levy funds because of their important conservation status – and residents wonder what’s changed. And in a interesting Tale of Two Cities, Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk […]

Letters to Redlands2030 – 23 October 2015

Letters to Redlands2030 this week discuss population growth in the Redlands, plans for sale of Council land and the local government elections in a few months time. If you have something to say, and you want to say it to a lot of people, send an email to: theeditor@redlands2030.net Save Redlands from becoming a dormitory […]

Draft planning bills submission due 23 October 2015

The Queensland Government is seeking community feedback about its proposed new planning laws – the planning laws which underpin what our Council’s do. Submissions are due by 6pm Friday 23 October. Instructions on how to submit are provided below at end. Redlands2030 has prepared a short submission which people may wish to use as a template for their own […]

Broadband is the key infrastructure for the 21st century

Earlier this month, the US Broadband Opportunity Council declared that broadband is “taking its place alongside water, sewer and electricity as essential infrastructure for communities”. Descriptors like “very fast” (Australia), “superfast” (UK), “ultra-fast” (New Zealand) or “ultra-high speed” (Singapore) reinforce the message that speed is an essential component of good broadband. But what would a […]

Will new planning laws improve community outcomes?

Communities across south-east Queensland are up in arms about development approvals which don’t seem consistent with planning scheme guidelines. Redland City examples include plans for an eight story building in a near CBD area zoned for five storeys, and several instances where medium density developments are proposed in areas zoned for detached dwellings. These inconsistencies […]

Australia is liveable but lags on sustainability

Australia may be one of the most liveable places in the world, but a new report ranks us in the middle when it comes to sustainability. Of the 34 OECD countries, Australia ranked 18th. The report compared OECD countries’ performance against the new Sustainable Development Goals, to be formalised in New York at the end […]

Redland City Council news – 16 August 2015

Redland City Council Meeting had a general meeting on 12 August 2015. Prior to the meeting several residents gathered outside the council’s chambers to protest about two issues: Development plans for Rushwood Estate in Thornlands; and The Translink levy imposed by Council on southern Moreton Bay island properties Here is a link to the Council’s […]

Andrew Laming MP – what you said about him

Federal MP Andrew Laming has received clear feedback from a recent survey with 80% of respondents saying that he is not doing a good job. The on-line survey, conducted by Redlands2030, finds that he should focus on Federal Government issues instead of local council and state government issues. Respondents to the survey said that he […]

Losing bees will sting more than just our taste for honey

We may lose a lot more than honey if bees are unable to cope with the changing climate and increasing demand for agricultural land. Your morning coffee might be a thing of the past if bees disappear, and if coffee isn’t your thing, you undoubtedly eat many of the fruit and vegetables (and chocolate) that […]

The Coalition’s NBN – a huge waste of money

Despite his earlier fervent opposition and having voted very strongly against the National Broadband Network (NBN) under Labor, in recent times Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming, has become something of an NBN evangelist, wildly spruiking the Coalition’s ‘Fast, Affordable, Sooner’ claims. I count no less than ten articles in local press over the past […]

Sustainable cities need trees, not freeways

As we worry about where we will put Australia’s ever-increasing population, urban trees are becoming collateral damage. So how much are our trees worth to us? According to Melbourne City Council, they can cost up to $62,000 each. But putting a price in dollars on a city’s trees does not represent their real value. Without […]