Car park food market back on Council agenda

Changes to the licence for Chefs Inc. to run a food market in the Cleveland Library car park for up to ten years will be discussed by Redland City Council at it’s next meeting on Wednesday 12 July. The discussion is scheduled to be in closed session without media or the public present. In August […]

Open for business or just more development?

Coming home to roost

All too often,  proposed new residential developments in Redlands are upsetting local communities when project plans go well beyond the expectations or experience of existing residents. Development outcomes are being promoted which are beyond the layman’s interpretation of the planning scheme and people feel that higher density developments threaten their quality of life and our […]

Fixing the skills shortage in Redlands

TAFE Queensland Alexandra Hills is an underutilised skills learning centre

If anything is obvious locally it’s that plans to pursue Walker Corporation’s Toondah Harbor proposal will damage an already vulnerable economy in the Redlands and greatly jeopardise the environment. The lack of community consultation by developers and various levels of government is hurting business, the public discourse, and trust in the establishment. These are very […]

Sport land, economic development and waste contracts on Redland Council’s agenda

Redland City Council’s next general meeting is on Wednesday 27 July. It’s another light agenda with just four items apart from routine noting of routine reports. Important issues such as review of the Draft City Plan continue to be dealt with by councillors and officers in non-public workshops. Delegation to CEO of authority to award […]

Birdwatching can be big business for Redlands

The so-called genteel pastime of birdwatching, or birding can also be…. big business.  In fact in academia it has its own term: avitourism. The benefits of avitourism is relatively familiar to Northern Hemisphere recreationists, especially USA, German and UK residents. There are thousands of tourists from the northern hemisphere travelling the world annually with the […]

The Gap still needs closing

For Indigenous Australians, election time is always a tough call. It’s a time when we find out how important my fellow Aboriginal peoples are to the average Australian. It is well known and appreciated by Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander peoples that progress has been made in a bi-partisan manner over the last half century. Progress has […]

Reactions to sand mining report

State Parliament’s Finance and Administration Committee recently published its report on the Stradboke Island Sand Mining bills, rejecting a Katter Party bill proposing a 2024 end date. The Government Bill which reinstates Labor policy to substantially phase out mining by 2019 was supported by the ALP members of the Committee but rejected by the LNP’s […]

Parking, pageantry and pickup of bulky rubbish on agenda for Council meeting tomorrow

Redland City Council’s next general meeting is on 11 May commencing at 9:30 am. Meetings are held at the Council Chambers in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland. Members of the public are able to observe meetings from the public gallery except for items which councillors discuss in ‘closed session’. At each general meeting members of the community […]

Committee reports on bills to end sand mining

A Queensland parliamentary committee inquiring into the cessation of sand mining on North Stradbroke Island has failed to agree on an appropriate end date. The Government members argue that sand mining should end in 2019 in line with Labor’s pre-election commitments. Non-Government members support a continuation of mining to 2035. The only thing that all […]

Redlands voters, it’s time to choose your future

Redlands electors are now choosing their next Mayor and Council. Pre-poll voting has started ahead of the 19 March local government elections (and referendum on fixed four year terms for State MPs). Voters can choose traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure and more poorly planned development under Karen Williams and her team. Alternatively, voters can elect Greg […]

Flour Monkey Bakery looking to expand

Small businesses are the backbone of the Redlands economy, working hard for long hours to provide customers with goods and services while dealing with red tape. In response to subscriber feedback, Redlands2030 is exploring our local small business sector. Trish and Warwick are owners of The Flour Monkey Bakery operating at Capalaba Central Shopping Centre and Carina. […]

Cleveland train station development plans

It’s been nearly a year since Labor replaced the LNP in Queensland but not much has changed when it comes to transparency of planning and development. Back in April 2014 The LNP government invited tenders to redevelop the car park at the Cleveland train station into a mixed-purpose transport hub, likely to include residential units. […]

Top 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses

How can we improve our local community’s economic resilience? A sustainable local economy means having lots of eggs in lots of baskets. One approach, put forward by the USA’s Institute for Local Self-Reliance, is to champion locally owned businesses. They’ve prepared a list of 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses which we reprint below. […]

Toondah protest and Willards Farm action in Redland City Council news

Since its last general meeting on 9 December, Redland City Council held special meetings in closed session on 16 December and 21 December. Here are links to: Meeting minutes 16 & 21 December Meeting minutes 21 December Items discussed at these closed session special meetings include: Agreements for Walker Corporation’s proposed developments around Toondah Harbour […]

Parks back-flip, koala laws and Birkdale units discussed by Redland City Council

Redland City Council Meeting had its last general meeting of the year on 9 December 2015. Here is a link to the Council’s meeting minutes. You can watch a video of the meeting or listen to an audio recording. Some of the matters discussed at the meeting are detailed below. Council back-flips on park sell-off […]