Megatrends and SEQ regional plan consultation

Megatrends which could have major impacts on south east Queensland over the next few decades should be taken into account when preparing the new regional plan. But has the government done a good job of picking and dealing with megatrends? If we have learnt anything over the last few decades it’s that governments don’t always […]

Council backs away from kindergarten land deal


Land tenure for the St James Kindergarten playground in John Street Cleveland will be discussed at Redland City Council’s meeting on Wednesday 23 November. It appears the Council is backtracking from its “in principle” decision on 27 January 2016 (Item 12.1 Mayoral Minute) to negotiate a “lease to purchase” deal with the Lutheran Church who […]

Council threatens Eprapah Creek wildlife habitat

Rare bushland at Eprapah Creek in Victoria Point providing scarce habitat for wallabies, birds and other wildlife is threatened by Redland City Council’s plans for construction of a bridge and pathway which are opposed by the local community. Redland City Council is proposing to force developers into constructing an unnecessary pedestrian and bike path from […]

Councillors comment on making a new City Plan

Community reactions to the Draft Redlands City Plan 2015 are clear and consistent. With 6,400 submissions Redlands’ response was ten times greater than that of the Gold Coast City (on a per capita basis). Community concerns included risks to lifestyle, livability and quality of life through traffic congestion, small lot development, medium and high rise […]

Let’s not fear diversity in Australia

While Donald Trump was vowing to ban Muslims during the 2nd Presidential debate in America something very interesting happened a world away in Australia’s Federal Parliament. Prime Minister Turnbull and Opposition Leader Shorten passed a bipartisan motion condemning racism in all forms and calling for a respectful and unified nation. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also […]

Redlands slow to adopt community panels

More than a year ago Redlands’ elected councillors asked CEO Bill Lyon to prepare a report on use of community panels as reference, advisory and/or review groups. The CEO says the research was completed and the report prepared many months ago. So why has the report not been discussed at a council meeting? Back in […]

Solar power and plane crash on Council agenda

Proposals for investing $3.6 million in solar power generation over the next four years will be considered by Redland City Council at its general meeting tomorrow. The meeting commences at 9:30 am in the Council chambers in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland. Members of the public can observe proceedings from the public gallery, except for items which […]

Open for business or just more development?

Coming home to roost

All too often,  proposed new residential developments in Redlands are upsetting local communities when project plans go well beyond the expectations or experience of existing residents. Development outcomes are being promoted which are beyond the layman’s interpretation of the planning scheme and people feel that higher density developments threaten their quality of life and our […]

Redland City Council meeting on 7 September

Small lot housing and not granting rates concessions for pensioners in leasehold retirement villages were discussed by Redland City Council at its meeting on 7 September. Here is a link to the minutes. At the time of writing this report, no video recording of the meeting is available. If a video recording is made available […]

What employment will Toondah create?

This week’s mailbag focuses on the lack of real information about future local employment plans at Toondah Harbour and escalating parking woes caused by Council’s sale of a central car park. There’s also a positive ‘shout out’ to Redlands2030 for providing a much needed vehicle for informed community comment. Toondah Harbour employment opportunities Is it […]

Fixing the skills shortage in Redlands

TAFE Queensland Alexandra Hills is an underutilised skills learning centre

If anything is obvious locally it’s that plans to pursue Walker Corporation’s Toondah Harbor proposal will damage an already vulnerable economy in the Redlands and greatly jeopardise the environment. The lack of community consultation by developers and various levels of government is hurting business, the public discourse, and trust in the establishment. These are very […]

Councillor complaints under State spotlight

The councillor complaints process is being reviewed by the Queensland Government and you have until 23 September to make comments and suggestions for improvement. Queensland has a well established process for people to make complaints (allegations) of corrupt conduct, misconduct or inappropriate conduct against local councillors. Complaints can be assessed and determined by a Council, […]

Dogs and wildlife in Letters to the Editor

Letters this week are about wildlife and dogs – discussing the regulation of dogs in koala habitat areas, the things that dogs do and people don’t pick up and caring for orphaned wildlife. Dogs and koalas I read with interest that Council has now highlighted certain areas in Redlands as koala habitat and included conditions […]

Redlands City Plan needs a strategic framework

All too often people don’t understand the devil in the detail of city planning schemes. Then development applications are submitted which can’t be stopped even though the community considers the proposals to be inappropriate. To help people understand their city’s planning scheme, the document should include a well written Strategic Framework. In State Government guidelines, […]