Straddie residents ferry fare protest

In spite of chilly, gusty conditions, about 150 people attended a rally at Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island to protest about recent changes to ferry fares. Many people including local councillor Craig Ogilvie spoke at the meeting. Cr Ogilvie said “Transport will make or break this island.” The crowd expressed unanimous opposition to Stradbroke Ferries […]

Residents to protest against Straddie ferry fares

Stradbroke Island residents are planning to hold a community meeting to protest about new fares introduced by Stradbroke Ferries. The meeting will be held on Saturday 23 May commencing 10:00 am at Ron Stark Oval, Dunwich. Of particular concern to residents are changes to the Day Shopper fare. Stradbroke Ferries initial proposal was to remove […]

Economics of mining on North Stradbroke Island

Howard Guille follows up his recent article, Politics of mining on North Stradbroke Island, by discussing the economics of sand mining including its contribution to employment of Island residents. The economics of sand mining Sibelco has repeatedly emphasised what it says is the economic contribution of mining to North Stradbroke Island (NSI). In 2013 Sibelco […]

Politics of mining on North Stradbroke Island

Exaggerated claims have recently been made about what will happen if sand mining ends on North Stradbroke Island “prematurely”. In a recent Redland City Bulletin article, Cleveland MP Mark Robinson is reported as claiming there will be a loss of 600 jobs if mining ceases. A Sibelco manager is quoted saying that ‘winding up mining […]

Pt Lookout wastewater treatment: EPBC referral

The public has been given a brief opportunity to comment about Redland City Council’s upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant servicing Point Lookout, on North Stradbroke Island. Information about the Point Lookout Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Project is available on the Redland City Council website. EPBC Act The Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act […]

North Stradbroke Island commitments from Labor and the Greens

The Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) represents the Quandamooka People who are the traditional owners of North Stradbroke Island. QYAC has issued this media release ahead of the Queensland election on 31 January 2015. QYAC Media Release: Labor and Greens commit to Quandamooka (North Stradbroke Island) Traditional Owners: Promise to repeal ‘disgraceful’ mining legislation $20M […]

Queensland voters misled about North Straddie

Queensland voters, you were misled about North Straddie at the last election. During the 2012 State election Queensland voters received information attacking agreed sand mining laws for beautiful North Stradbroke Island. Most of the information was paid for by Belgium-based company, Sibelco, whose North Stradbroke mining interests the LNP promised to favour. The Liberal National […]

 Our island economy

When sand mining ends what kind of island should we have ?

North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island

A community forum to open debate and discussion about what kind of Island we should have after mining is being held with involvement of:

  • Amity Progress Association (APPA)
  • Stradbroke Island Management Organisation (SIMO)
  • Redlands2030

The Mayor and the Member for Cleveland have announced an economic transition taskforce – different and better, they say, than the one in 2010-11. To date there is no community representation.

We want to give the wider Island community an opportunity to explore questions like

  • realistic alternatives and how are they evaluated
  • how to make the environment count
  • what is needed to make the Island fairer
  • having real dialogue and choices
  • where does the Toondah development fit in


  • Howard Guille; long involvement in community and regional planning & development including SEQ-2001 and the NSI Transition Taskforce 2010-11
  • Clare Carroll; General Manager, Minjerribah Camping and expert on eco and sustainable tourism
  • Steve McDonald; long experience as regional and land-use planner

Following a presentation from each speaker there will be open discussion about what’s important to the community and how to get community involvement in determining our island future.

For more information, contact
Stradbroke Island Management Organisation (SIMO) email or mobile 0419-673-092
Amity Point Progress Association (APPA) email

and keep an eye on the SIMO Facebook page

Date: December 6, 2014
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Event: North Stradbroke Island Community Forum
Sponsor: SIMO, APPA and Redlands2030
Location: Queensland
Public: Public

It was a lovely natural glade

Years ago we camped on the headland at Point Lookout. It was Christmas and the park was full, with families in tents, a few vans: everyone cheek by jowl. A group of German visitors sat around a fire, carousing late into the night. To the alarm of neighbours under canvas, they produced and brandished a […]

Chosen few threaten Redlands environment

I will highlight the looming ecological atrocities which may be sanctioned and perpetrated by the Local and State Governments in the Redlands enviroment over the next few months. The 200th anniversary of the passing of the great mariner Matthew Flinders was recently marked by the unveiling of a statue in England to commemorate the occasion. […]

Mining on North Stradbroke Island to hit the High Court

About 20,000 years ago people settled in what is now the Moreton Bay region of Queensland and on North Stradbroke Island. The descendants of those people – the Quandamooka people – have maintained a continuous presence in the area ever since. The Sand Mining on North StradbrokeQuandamooka people have launched a High Court challenge  to […]