Park sale and heritage loss upset residents in Redland City

This week’s mailbag continues the rage from locals angered at Council’s proposal to turn 16 parks into development opportunities. One writer asks if councillors ever stop to think what is it about the Redlands that presently makes it so liveable, likeable and lovable? Another says it’s time to dispose of the current council. Other writers […]

City Plan 2015 ignores public opinion

City Plan being discussed at the Cleveland Markets

Draft City Plan 2015 is a developers’ dream but a nightmare for the community. Long term Redlands residents are expressing outrage over “battery style” housing across the City – especially developments on Cleveland-Redland Bay Road just north of the Faith Lutheran College. Development outcomes of the current planning scheme fail the taste test. Local groups […]

Thumbs down for Council’s park sell off plans

Writers give a big ‘thumbs down’ to Council’s proposed rezoning and sell-off of 16 parks for development in the draft City Plan. Some parks were bought with environmental levy funds because of their important conservation status – and residents wonder what’s changed. And in a interesting Tale of Two Cities, Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk […]

Redland Council should protect our heritage

The new Draft City Plan confirms the very obvious lack of concern shown by Redland City Council for matters of cultural heritage – in particular our rapidly disappearing heritage buildings. The Plan’s section on Environment and Heritage has almost nothing to say about preserving our built heritage. By saying nothing, it speaks volumes. The sad […]

Draft planning bills submission due 23 October 2015

The Queensland Government is seeking community feedback about its proposed new planning laws – the planning laws which underpin what our Council’s do. Submissions are due by 6pm Friday 23 October. Instructions on how to submit are provided below at end. Redlands2030 has prepared a short submission which people may wish to use as a template for their own […]

City Plan 2015 points to an unpleasant future

The Draft City Plan 2015 is a sloppy and inadequate piece of work. The Redland City Council is actively planning for a huge 50,000 increase in population without explaining how employment and infrastructure will be provided to support these people. Impacts on the area’s environment and heritage are not explained either. Redlands would change from […]

Secretive plans for rezoning and sale of 16 parks revealed in Draft City Plan

Nearly a year ago, at one of its many non-public meetings, Redland City Council discussed the idea of selling off many pieces of community owned land: parks, conservation areas and open space. Then Council decided, at a closed session of its Meeting on 26 November 2014, to set up a property investment company to be […]

Election commitments – there for the keeping?

Constraints on how politicians exercise their votes when making decisions include their responsibilities to champion public interest, statutory requirements and possible conflicts of interest. Election commitments aren’t legally binding. However, politicians have to wear voter backlash if they break promises.  That’s why  politicians often try to leave some “wriggle room” in their election commitments. The […]

Are Shoreline’s complaints credible?

Redlands2030 and the Koala Action Group (KAG) have raised concerns about the proposed Shoreline residential project in Southern Redlands. Shoreline has attempted to deflect criticism by attempting the traditional tactic of shooting the messenger. But we think that they are firing blanks. KAG takes action to save koalas The plight of koalas is of interest […]

Redland City Council news – 6 June 2015

Redlands2030 brings you a weekly summary of Redland City Council news, and other information. Johnny Depp was in town The main event in Redland City this week was three days of filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Johnny Depp was wonderful and made many people very happy. Alexandra Hills mum Kaylynn Ludwig made headlines […]

Residents concerned about Dorsal Drive development plans

On Monday 25 May at 5:30 pm there will be a community meeting at the Mooroondu Sport & Recreation Clubhouse, Thorneside to discuss plans for a proposed four storey residential development in Dorsal Drive Birkdale. The deadline for making submissions about development application MCU013407 is Thursday 28 May. Development application for Dorsal Drive in Birkdale A […]

The Corporate Plan destroys 15 years of work!

Redland City Councillors voted to adopt a new Corporate Plan at a General Meeting on 20 May. There was much self congratulation about the new plan, especially the mission statement: Make a difference, make it count. Unfortunately, it seems that submissions about the draft plan by Redlands2030 and others in the community did not make […]

New Redland City Corporate Plan lacks focus

The new five year Corporate Plan drafted by Redland City Council lacks focus, compared to the current plan which ends in June 2015. The Council’s Corporate Plan 2015-2020 is supposed to: guide how Council prioritises and delivers services, programs and facilities to our community over the next five years influence Council’s annual budget and Operational […]

Assess Council performance against 5 year plan

What do you think of Redland City Council’s performance over the past five years? Has the Council successfully implemented the strategies set out in the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan? Have the planned outcomes been achieved? Tell us what you think. Our short survey below takes only a few minutes and will give the Council and the […]