Community values and the Commonwealth land

Future use of the Commonwealth land in Birkdale, management of community radio station Bay FM and the need for better mentoring of our future political leaders are discussed in letters to Redlands2030. If you have something to say, send an email to Commonwealth lands at Birkdale Andrew Laming MP has been discussing the future […]

Open for business or just more development?

Coming home to roost

All too often,  proposed new residential developments in Redlands are upsetting local communities when project plans go well beyond the expectations or experience of existing residents. Development outcomes are being promoted which are beyond the layman’s interpretation of the planning scheme and people feel that higher density developments threaten their quality of life and our […]

Redlands City Plan needs a strategic framework

All too often people don’t understand the devil in the detail of city planning schemes. Then development applications are submitted which can’t be stopped even though the community considers the proposals to be inappropriate. To help people understand their city’s planning scheme, the document should include a well written Strategic Framework. In State Government guidelines, […]

Urban hacktivism: getting creative about involving citizens in city planning

Urban and regional planning, as an institutional practice, is increasingly criticised for failing to meet ordinary citizens’ needs. Enter “hacktivism”. Fusing hacking and activism, the term has previously referred to using information technology to achieve political goals. While “hacking” often entails malicious attacks on websites, it has another meaning. Hacking also means innovative problem-solving by […]

Koalas soon to be extinct in Redlands

After 20 years of buck passing between three levels of Government, Redlands is on the verge of a koala free landscape.  Successive councils, councillors and State and Federal members of parliament can all share in this sad legacy. Yet the community has long argued that koalas are a priority, saying: “Koala habitats are to be […]

’30-minute city’? Not in my backyard! Smart Cities Plan must let people have their say

  The federal government’s Smart Cities Plan is framed around the “30-minute city”. In this city, journeys will take no more than half an hour, regardless of your location. The recently released plan has significant implications for population, transport provision and land-use intensity in neighbourhoods – the places where people live and how they get […]

The Gap still needs closing

For Indigenous Australians, election time is always a tough call. It’s a time when we find out how important my fellow Aboriginal peoples are to the average Australian. It is well known and appreciated by Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander peoples that progress has been made in a bi-partisan manner over the last half century. Progress has […]

Withdraw the Draft Redland City Plan 2015 and begin again – Lavinia Wood speech to Council

Lavinia Wood, Spokesperson for CARP-Redlands Inc, spoke about the Draft City Plan 2015 during the public participation section of Redland City Council’s general meeting on 27 April 2016. The text of her speech is presented below. Her speech can be viewed on the Council Meeting video recording (begins at 47:50 minutes). The video recording includes […]

Community will not tolerate Toondah deal – open letter to Deputy Premier Jackie Trad

Over 2,000 people recently signed parliamentary petitions objecting to plans for Toondah Harbour. The Government’s response provoked this response from Redlands resident Margaret Hardy. Letter to Jackie Trad Dear Minister Trad Thank you for forwarding your response to the Clerk of Parliament for petitions 2561-16, 2562-16 and 2537-16 regarding the proposed development of Toondah Harbour. […]


Coming home to roost

All of the political turmoil in the Redlands in recent times can be explained by one simple question, asked of the current Mayor and her supporting councillors – whose values do they hold? THE COMMUNITY’S VALUES The community’s values are clearly articulated in the Redlands 2030 Community Plan: Creating Our Future (April 2010) – the […]

Letters to the Editor 14 February 2016

Letters to Redlands2030 this week deal with a wide range of topics: Council’s poor environmental performance Cleveland cemetery’s lack of toilet facilities What makes a good politician Deputy Mayor Alan Beard’s confused position on overdevelopment at Toondah Harbour   Mayor fails to protect the environment There must be an election coming! The Mayor, Karen Williams, […]

Why a walk in the woods really does help your body and your soul


Have you ever wondered why you feel healthier and happier when you stroll through the trees or frolic by the sea? Is it just that you’re spending time away from work, de-stressing and taking in the view? Or is there more to it? For more than 20 years, scientists have been trying to determine the […]

Greg Underwood takes on Karen Williams to become the next Redland City Mayor

Greg Underwood is campaigning against Karen Williams for the job of Redland City Mayor. Many Redlands voters will welcome having a choice at the local government elections on 19 March next year. They will expect the candidates to campaign effectively, each explaining why they deserve the top job for a four year term. The local […]

Toondah Harbour biodiversity and more housing development in Victoria Point

This week’s letters keep the spotlight on planned development in the Redlands. Doug Jones writes about Toondah Harbour’s biodiversity and the Clay Gully residential development in Victoria Point is discussed by Joy and Mike Rowe. Do you have a comment to make? You can share your views by sending an email to   More […]

Redlands2030 submission to Draft City Plan

The Draft Redland City Plan 2015 has been a “hot topic” across the city since it was released for community comment and feedback. Our initial assessment said City Plan 2015 points to an unpleasant future. Further review confirms that the proposed planning scheme will reduce quality of life in an increasingly congested city. The Council […]