Koala strategy and more Ausbuild development

In the last general meeting of 2016 Redland City Council will consider a number of development applications by Ausbuild and other contentious issues including a koala strategy and possible third extension of time for the Mt Cotton chicken poo plant. Items on the agenda include applications by Ausbuild for development of residential dwellings at 399-413 […]

Chicken poo plant extension on Council agenda

A decision whether or not to grant a third extension of time for the development of a chicken poo power station near Mt Cotton State School will be made by Redland City Council at its next general meeting on 14 December. The developer is reported to have experienced a delay in obtaining funding for the […]

The chicken-poo power Magical Mystery Tour

Back in 2004 Cleveland Power applied to build a chicken-poo incinerator adjacent to the Golden Cockerel chicken processing plant in Mount Cotton. Impact assessable because this is a heavy industry in a rural zone, it attracted three hundred and thirty three (333) submissions with only one in favour of the development. It took until 2007 […]

Community concerns about chicken poo plant

Was the community given a fair deal when Redland City Council approved an 18 months extension for development of the chicken poo power plant at Mt Cotton? The Council’s handling of this contentious matter leaves many questions unanswered, such as:  Have local residents been dealt with fairly? Why did Council not oppose the 2011 extension […]