Redlands ferries help Sealink to record profit

Moreton Bay ferries helped power Sealink Travel Group to a record profit in 2016 with the company announcing a 139% increase in net after tax profit to $22.3 million. The strong financial performance by Australia’s largest marine tourism and transport company was boosted by contributions from the following ferry and barge services recently acquired from […]

Eat Street to eat up Cleveland CBD carparks

Controversial plans for an “Eat Street” type market to operate in the car park behind Cleveland Library will be considered by Redland City Council on 10 August. The proposal is for a number of food and drink outlets to operate from facilities in the Cleveland Library car park for three days each week – Friday […]

Old Harley’s don’t die

Small and innovative businesses are the backbone of the Redlands economy and owner operators work hard and for long hours to meet the needs of customers. Rusty Clark is the owner of  Rusty’s Bayside Custom Cycles, of Shore Street Cleveland, specializing in Harley Choppers, Bobbers and Harley parts. His story was told to one of […]

Birdwatching can be big business for Redlands

The so-called genteel pastime of birdwatching, or birding can also be…. big business.  In fact in academia it has its own term: avitourism. The benefits of avitourism is relatively familiar to Northern Hemisphere recreationists, especially USA, German and UK residents. There are thousands of tourists from the northern hemisphere travelling the world annually with the […]

Flour Monkey Bakery looking to expand

Small businesses are the backbone of the Redlands economy, working hard for long hours to provide customers with goods and services while dealing with red tape. In response to subscriber feedback, Redlands2030 is exploring our local small business sector. Trish and Warwick are owners of The Flour Monkey Bakery operating at Capalaba Central Shopping Centre and Carina. […]

Top 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses

How can we improve our local community’s economic resilience? A sustainable local economy means having lots of eggs in lots of baskets. One approach, put forward by the USA’s Institute for Local Self-Reliance, is to champion locally owned businesses. They’ve prepared a list of 10 reasons to support locally owned businesses which we reprint below. […]

Council’s real estate deals questioned

108 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba was sold in April 2015 by RIC

With the stated aim of making money, Redland City Council decided in late 2014 to set up its own real estate development company – the Redland Investment Corporation (RIC). A plan to sell several blocks of ‘surplus’ Council parkland was envisaged but community outrage during City Plan consultation put this in the category of ‘seemed […]

Saving The White House – at Victoria Point

The future of a neighbourhood centre which hosts small businesses and generates local employment is under threat – from medium density residential zoning in the Redland City Plan. The White House’s owners, and the people who operate small businesses from here, hope the community will support their petition to stay in business. The White House […]

Transport challenges and opportunities in the Redlands in this week’s letters

Letters this week are about the worsening transport challenges that the Redlands faces. One local thinks we should follow many other Australian and overseas communities and offer regular free minibus transport to get around during the day. And another resident asks if the often-spruiked dedicated bus lane between Coorparoo to Capalaba is just a cruel joke. […]

Council discusses political donations at its meeting on 4 November

Draft City Plan submissions due 27 November The deadline for submissions about the Draft City Plan 2015 is 27 November 2015. The Council’s final consultation activity is scheduled for Capalaba College Markets on Sunday 15 November from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Redlands2030 has updated its City Plan submissions page and published several articles about City […]

Transitioning Queensland to Clean Energy

Our Sunshine State has a world class solar resource, and good wind, wave and biomass resources. So people often ask me, “What would it take for Queensland to transition away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy (RE), combined with energy efficiency? Is it technically and economically possible to do this?” The answer to the […]

Broadband is the key infrastructure for the 21st century

Earlier this month, the US Broadband Opportunity Council declared that broadband is “taking its place alongside water, sewer and electricity as essential infrastructure for communities”. Descriptors like “very fast” (Australia), “superfast” (UK), “ultra-fast” (New Zealand) or “ultra-high speed” (Singapore) reinforce the message that speed is an essential component of good broadband. But what would a […]

Aquaculture, working against domestic violence and other Redland City Council news

Draft City Plan 2015 Consultation about the Council’s proposed new planning scheme has been underway for two weeks. An issue of concern to many people and groups in the community is Council’s plan to rezone many small parks and conservation areas for residential development, discussed in this Redlands2030 report. City Plan information sessions this week: […]

Questions about ‘operational’ role of Redland City Council’s Development reference group

It’s 10 months since Redlands2030 started to investigate the Redland City Council’s Development Industry Reference Group. We’ve uncovered a tale of regular closed door meetings between senior council planners and major developers so secret not even the names of those present were ever to be publicly released. The conversations were just as secret until Council […]

Political donations and conflicts of interest in Redland City Council

Are Redland City councillors always acting in the public interest? They constantly make decisions which can greatly benefit individuals and business. Contracts worth millions of dollars are at stake. Favorable planning and approval decisions can make landowners in the ‘right’ area enormously wealthy, with the potential to make property more valuable overnight. Councillors must exercise […]