Redlands2030 supports local campaigns to make the Redlands a better place to live.

  • We want to keep open space for the community to enjoy.
  • We want to conserve and protect our natural environment from unnecessary development.
  • We want Council and Government to listen to the people in our community.

Here are some issues that Redlands people are campaigning about:

  • – Help clean up the Moreton Bay Marine Park (Troy Robbins)
  • Save G.J. Walter Park (from the Toondah Harbour PDA scheme)
  • Save Linear Park (from the proposed RSL developments in the park)
  • Relocate the Point Lookout sewage treatment plant
  • If you want your campaign included on Redlands2030, tell us about it.


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One thought on “CAMPAIGNS

  1. Hi mystery writer – just wondering if you could please define open space and natural environment. Does that include private land owned by private landowners?
    Thank you