Bees and bugs of the Redlands

Many different bees and bugs can be found in Redland City.

Local photographer Erica Siegel has captured many images of these tiny creatures.

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7 thoughts on “Bees and bugs of the Redlands

    • thanks, Mark, i have since seen and photographed a few more species and now have 22 species of native bees in my garden, Amazing what one finds when one goes looking! I shall try and update the website after Christmas is over

  1. Stunning photos. Thank you Erica. I wonder if you have photographed the endangered Illidge’s ant-blue butterfly? I understand this butterfly relies on mangrove habitats at Redland Bay.

  2. We have native bee hives and were surprised to find out that although they don’t sting they can still bite, small bites admittedly, bit with quite a few if you have to muck about with the hive, it gets quite sharpish! It is great to have them around though for pollination of your veges, herbs and fruit trees as well as your native plants.

  3. Fantastic photos Erica. Bees need all the publicity they can get. I bought a 100mm macro lens to get photos like this but failed miserably. The bugs were always too quick. I’m going to try a lot harder.

    • I use the P.P.P.P. system to get this type of shots
      Passion – Patience – Persistence – Practice
      works all the time !!
      Good luck Richard, keep it up !