Ballot positions draw for Redland City Council elections

Greg Underwood's name is drawn

Greg Underwood’s name is drawn in first position for the mayoral contest ahead of  Karen Williams

Positions on ballot papers for the 19 March Redland City Council elections were determined by drawing names out of a box this morning.

District Returning Officer Harold Guy presided over the ballot draw held in front of many candidates and their representatives at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre.

For each contest, positions on the ballot paper will be the order in which candidates names were drawn out of a red ballot box.

The results of each draw are set out below.

For each contest the names are put into envelopes which are then placed in the red ballot box

For each contest the names are put into envelopes which are then placed in the red ballot box

Greg Underwood
Karen Williams

Division 1
Wendy Boglary
Corinne Tomasi
Paul Branagan

Division 2
Tom Taranto
Craig Ogilvie
Peter Mitchell

The ballot box containing names in envelopes

The ballot box containing names in envelopes

Division 3
Penny Donald
Karyn Owen
Troy Robbins
Paul Golle

Division 4
Lance Hewlett
James Harliing

Division 5
Junita Grosvenor
Mark Edwards

Drawing out the envelopes

Drawing out the envelopes

Division 6
Stephanie Eaton
Melanie Lavelle-Malony
Julie Talty

Division 7
Janine Healy
Sharyn Doolan
Murray Elliott

Division 8
Tracey Huges
Alan Beard
Kathy Reimers

The ballott draw is done publicly, observed by candidates and their representatives

The draw is done publicly, observed by candidates and their representatives. From left to right: Melanie Lavelle-Malony, Janine Healy and Greg Underwood

Division 9
Paul Gleeson
Jesse McNamara

Division 10
Joy Stewart
Paul Bishop

Maps of each councillor division and the names of candidates for Mayor and each councillor position are available on the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) website.

Published by Redlands2030 – 17 February 2016

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2 thoughts on “Ballot positions draw for Redland City Council elections

  1. Thanks for sharing names of those who wish to represent we, the people, in various divisions throughout the Redlands. My wish for a fairer playing field is that we don’t continue to see, as we have, from past two elections, a group of six making up a team that then make decisions behind closed doors leaving we, the people, in the dark about issues that then affect us all. There needs to be robust discussion on all issues by each council representative, that affect our lives, and they need to be open and honest. As it stands now, five councillors were left without portfolios, with Div 9 councillor Capalaba saddled with too many for one greenhorn to handle. During a past election, when Div 9 councillor was seen to be losing votes, local State Members and Federal Member were called to help by thrusting material into hands of voters while chanting: “vote Labor, vote Labor” at Mt Cotton Rd school. This interference in a local election must never happen again. A local government election is just that….locals electing their favourite candidates.

  2. Thank you for sharing this process of the drawing for ballot positions. Like the RCB it keeps us informed and it is interesting to share in the process.
    Noticed the other day when candidate nominations closed that the Mayor’s blog went to air pretty quickly chastising Redlands2030 with all sorts of claims that sounded as though this community group is a bit of a pain in the neck. When reading the Mayor’s demand “Publish the list of your membership” I was wondering if this means all of those people are going to get a solicitor letter telling them they are naughty just like before. But then I remembered that those previous letters sent out by the poor council legal person were “unauthorised”, although I think that changed to finding there was authorisation?
    Keep informing us, Redlands2030. After all, your name is derived from the Community Plan that the current council couldn’t handle.

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