Aquaculture, working against domestic violence and other Redland City Council news

Draft City Plan 2015

St James Lutheran Kindergarten has used the John Street site for many years

This kindy play area and 15 other parks and open space areas could be rezoned and sold off for development. Find out more here.

Consultation about the Council’s proposed new planning scheme has been underway for two weeks.

An issue of concern to many people and groups in the community is Council’s plan to rezone many small parks and conservation areas for residential development, discussed in this Redlands2030 report.

City Plan information sessions this week:

  • Dunwich Public Hall, Thursday 1 October from 3:00 to 6:00 pm
  • Point Lookout Community Hall, Saturday 3 October from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Council meeting on 23 September

Pam Spence, President of the Birkdale Progress Association, addresses Redland City Council - Photo: from video recording of the meeting

Pam Spence addresses Redland City Council – Photo: from video recording of the meeting

Here are links to the Meeting minutes. You can listen to an audio recording or view a video recording of the Meeting.

Pam Spence of the Birkdale Progress Association addressed Council about heritage protection.

Some other matters are reported on below.

Aquaculture to be investigated

Tiger prawn - Photo by Ellen Temple

Tiger prawn – Photo by Ellen Temple

A motion by Cr Craig Ogilvie that Council investigate aquaculture with a local company using ‘Fishprotech’ technology provoked some interesting discussion at Wednesday’s Council Meeting.

His suggestion that a Council owned site such as Runnymede near Indigiscapes be considered for a demonstratiion project was criticised by Cr Paul Gleeson who said: “we don’t provide land for any other private enterprise in the city”.

Cr Boglary then pointed out that Council has recently worked closely with the Australian Trade College. In July the Council announced that it had negotiated a temporary deal for the privately owned Trade College to use Council owned facilities in Middle Street.

Councillors finally resolved that Council officers investigate a possible collaboration with local aquaculture business ‘Fishprotech’ utilising Council land and conduct a workshop before December of this year.

More information is available in this Bulletin report.

Domestic violence

State minister Sharon Fenton opens the new WAVSS facility in Redland City: Photo WAVSS Facebook page

State minister Shannon Fentiman (left) opens the new WAVSS facility in Redland City: Photo WAVSS Across The Redlands Facebook page

At its meeting on Wednesday, the Council gave approval for the Working Against Violence Support Service (WAVSS) to operate from a site in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.  More information is available in this Council news release.

The new WAVSS facility was  opened by State Minister for Women and Youth Shannon Fentiman.  The State Government is supporting the WAVSS facility with $2.3 million over the next three years. More information is available in this Bulletin report.

Koalas still waiting for more tree protection

On 22 April Council resolved to “commit to an immediate review of koala area mapping and the requirements for dog owners in koala areas in response to community consultation during the local law making process”.

At Wednesday’s meeting, five months later, the Acting CEO reported that a workshop had been conducted with councillors and a report would be submitted to the next meeting on 7 October. Many in the community will be interested to see if Council will act to improve protection of koala trees.

Conflicts of interest over subdivision proposal

Council discussed a proposed subdivision (one into two) of a large (8928m2) property in Ormiston with implications for koala habitat.

This item of business (11.2.5) triggered conflict of interest declarations from four councillors (Williams, Boglary, Hewlett and Gleeson). Mayor Williams stated that she was not required to leave the room and it was her choice to do so to provide transparency.

The final resolution was to allow the subdivision largely in line with the officers recommendations. Councillors voting for the motion were Hardman, Hewlett, Edwards, Talty, Beard and Gleeson. Councillors Boglary, Ogilvie, Elliott and Bishop voted against the motion.

Waste management strategy

Have your say about Council's waste management strategy

Have your say about Council’s waste management strategy

What should Redland City do with its garbage? Increasing the City’s population means more garbage to deal with but it’s getting more difficult and costly to bury it in landfill.

The Council has prepared a draft Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2015-2020 and is seeking community comments on its strategy to encourage more use of recycling and green bins.

You can comment until 9 October 2015 through the Council’s consultation webpage.

New electoral boundaries for election of councillors

Proposed Division boundaries , from Appendix C of the Change Commission's Determination

Proposed Division boundaries for election of councillors

Monday 28 September is the deadline for submitting any objections to the proposed new electoral boundaries.

Changes have been proposed by the Local Government Change Commission in a Proposed Determination report. The proposed changes to boundaries can be viewed with interactive mapping.

Further information about the division boundary review process including how to make an objection is available from this Electoral Commission Queensland webpage.


Report by Redlands2030 – 27 September 2015

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  1. Council have been sent a please explain letter. Earlier this year I held a meeting with RCC town planners. My proposal was for a ‘Not for Profit’ company to bring land based aquaculture to the Redlands using modular biosecure water treatment technology (a bloody big fish tank) and utilizing council land. Now I find out RCC are discussing my idea with a private company and going against advice I received from the town planners. Is this how RCC do business?

  2. Working against domestic violence. How! Today yet another woman was murdered stabbed to death by ex-partner and believe in today’s world drugs contribute to violence as when I was young, there were no drugs, only alcohol, women were abused but survived the brutal behavior of a partner. I miss my childhood friend who married an abuser. We hadn’t seen each other for 10 yrs and meeting me at airport on taking off dark glasses, saw two black eyes. Seeing my expression, said ‘George’. She hated him, daughters told their mum to leave, but stayed in the marriage knowing if she left, she would be found, and killed. Met a woman last week, one of many, today taking care of grandkids after their daughters died from drug overdoses. In this case, death was caused by prescription drugs. This should not be happening. For many women, there are no safe houses. I miss my friend, having died two decades ago…too young.

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