ANZAC Centenary Memorial proposal

Cleveland ANZAC memorial and Linear Park

Current ANZAC Memorial Park marked in red and proposed new memorial site in blue (click to enlarge)

Today is the deadline for providing comments to Redland City Council about a proposed new ANZAC Memorial to be located in the park area that Council now calls Kinsail Court Park but many people know as Linear Park.

Redlands2030 published What does the ANZAC Centenary mean for Redland City? which raised questions about the proposed new memorial.

In particular, the post written by Jackie Cooper said:

The Council’s design for an alternative ANZAC memorial in Linear Park does not resolve overwhelming functional and technical problems faced at the 1919 cenotaph site, of having to accommodate many thousands of people for brief periods on two days of the year.

The constraints of the current venue apply equally to Linear Park: thousands of people not able to see and hear proceedings, congestion when entering and leaving the site, traffic and parking problems.

Jackie’s post has attracted a number of comments including a comment from the RSL’s Alan Harcourt and a response from the Cleveland Open space Action Group.

The RSL points out that the current memorial venue does not cope well with large crowds on ANZAC Day.

But would the proposed site of the new memorial in Kinsail Court (Linear) Park, at the top of a sloped area, work well as the centerpiece of a commemoration event attended by thousands of people?

Link to Council’s web page about the proposed ANZAC memorial

Here is a link to the Council’s web page where you can provide comments.

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5 thoughts on “ANZAC Centenary Memorial proposal

  1. Community Update ….. Finally due process is being carried out … the state government DNRM have exercised their right and requested that Council prepare Land Management Plan (LMP) on Linear (Kinsail Court) Park.

    The LMP and community engagement results will form a new report to be presented to Council at the general meeting on 10/12/14

    Cleveland Open a Space Action Group (COSAG)

  2. It is just not necessary to build a memorial on the peoples parkland.

    It should be built but on the RSL’s land. They have enough of it (Land).
    The Council have done a great job of making Linear Park people friendly and the increase in usage is really noticable.
    Despite the misinformation being spread by the RSL management regarding the “revised and smaller memorial” being of no detriment to useage of the park by local residents it will be a boon to skate boarders and grafitti artists.
    So I say to council do the right thing by your ratepayers and leave Linear park alone and ensure the RSL stays on its own land.

  3. I do think this is a poor choice by council. Of course it won’t matter what the residents think as shown by the Toondah Harbour decisions.

    Better off moving the RSL buildings that are near the current memorial onto the ‘temporary car park’ in Middle Street and redeveloping the memorial area there.

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